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Latin Tutoring

Latin is taught as a mandatory subject in gymnasium and other so-called classical high schools, located chiefly in Europe. In the United States, although once offered nearly universally, Latin is limited to elective status in a steadily declining number of grade schools, both public and private. Select a tutor today. Like Latin Language, Latin music has made many contributions. Studying latin music from Chile, Cuba, Colombia or Haiti? A tutor can help. Select a tutor now. Latin music - salsa, reggae, nueva cancion or tejano - need help? Latin Language exam coming up but lost? Select a tutor today.

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Known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is the third largest city in California. Select a tutor Now. Don't let your child struggle or get further behind in school - let one of our talented San Jose tutors make a difference for your family today. Look today and start tomorrow. Check out our supurb San Jose tutors and end the homework battles.

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john M. - Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (6.1 mi) - $35/hr.

john M. - Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (6.1 mi) - $35/hr.

This is one of my top subjects! Latin is one of my top subjects!Can teach introduction and intermediate Latin: translation, vocabulary, and grammar. I have taught extensively from Wheelock's Latin and used this text as a student, as well as, used it to teach middle school, high school, and college students.

My teaching style is real. It's genuine. College students walk away from my classes saying, "Thanks for keeping it real." I have no pretenses as I view the learning process as a crucial humans exchange between two or more people. I'm very egalitarian in my approach, being open to learn from my students. Finally, I have caring pedagogy, in that I care about my students and usually am in touch with them well after the teaching experience. I have taught elementary, middle school , high school, college, and students in adult education courses. I have taught in rural, suburban, and urban settings for both private and public institutions. I have tutored my own children (e.g. Latin, Art, Guitar) and middle and high school students in their homes and/or at my home. I have taught hundreds of college courses and thousands of students. I have a passion for teaching, knowledge, learning fro ... read more

john M. - Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (6.1 mi) - $35/hr.


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Karl G - San Jose, CA 95136 (5.2 mi) - Latin Tutor - $48.00/hr. Karl G - San Jose, CA 95136 (5.2 mi) - Latin Tutor - $48.00/hr.

My teaching style can be described as an open and honest outward expression of my own personality mixed with careful consideration of the particular needs of my students. This means that I’ll almost certainly never be one to conform to mundane and pre-scripted presentation of facts and analyses. How I teach will always involve a unique blend of my own personality and current experience, those of my students, and the material being covered. I believe that a collaborative and friendly environment makes learning fun and that fun learning equals successful learning. As a graduate student at the University of Illinois, I was responsible for a total of 58 credit hours of undergraduate instruction in Latin, Greek and Roman Myth, and ancient Greek culture. I was also the Latin instructor at Countryside elementary school in Champaign, IL during the ‘07/’08 school year responsible for curriculum d

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Karl G - San Jose, CA 95136 (5.2 mi) - Latin Tutor - $48.00/hr.

$ 48.00

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Timothy J - Mountain View, CA 94040 (9.1 mi) - Latin Tutor - $46.00/hr. Timothy J - Mountain View, CA 94040 (9.1 mi) - Latin Tutor - $46.00/hr.

Easy going, supportive, hard working, direct, open, and encouraging. My style is to find real world experiences to provide examples for learning. This approach stimulates students to actually enjoy chemistry instead of thinking of it as something difficult or uninteresting. I've also found that the carrot approach works much better than the stick. Everyone can make the grade or higher by being encouraged and helped. Teaching 5-10 years of college level organic chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and intro chemistry. Also, I've served as a full time lab assistant. I've had extensive experience in both designing exams, lecturing, tutoring, and providing special assistance to students. As an attorney, I have always been driven to achieve high levels of excellence in my field. Over the last 20 years I have practiced as a patent attorney in the

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Timothy J - Mountain View, CA 94040 (9.1 mi) - Latin Tutor - $46.00/hr.

$ 46.00

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Timothy P - Oakland, CA 94611 (33 mi) - Latin Tutor - $47.50/hr. Timothy P - Oakland, CA 94611 (33 mi) - Latin Tutor - $47.50/hr.

I have spent 6 years teaching university-level German language courses and reading comprehension & writing courses. Before this, I spent 2 years as a volunteer instructor of bi-weekly English language classes in Romania and Moldova. In both contexts, I have taught interactive courses for students of various ages, educational levels, and cultural backgrounds. From my background in Linguistics, I understand how language 'works'. I have a quiver full of tools to use in explaining the linguistic nuances, which I use to explain the relationship between thought and language. Additionally, I have been involved in various research projects on language usage, language change, and language learning. I approach instruction from the view that “teach[ing] a man to fish, will feed him for a lifetime”. I am committed to building on what my students bring with them, using this as a fulcrum on which to h

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Timothy P - Oakland, CA 94611 (33 mi) - Latin Tutor - $47.50/hr.

$ 47.50

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Alrick H - Ripon, CA 95366 (44.1 mi) - Latin Tutor - $42.50/hr. Alrick H - Ripon, CA 95366 (44.1 mi) - Latin Tutor - $42.50/hr.

My approach to teaching begins with having a high expectation for what my students can accomplish. Therefore, my goal is, in part, to help my students love learning and to translate the love for learning into higher achievements. I try to inspire the students In terms of style, I explain the basic concept being taught and then illustrate by way of examples. I combine a bit of lecturing with meaningful interaction. Next, it is the students term to practice what has been taught. I may use a variety of interactive learning games in order to re-enforce the concept being taught. Somewhere down the line some for of testing is given for the purpose of checking to see if the student is grasping the concepts being taught. I have worked with children and young people all my adult life from teaching VBS as a teenager to presently being a tutor and substitute teacher. In addition to my major

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Alrick H - Ripon, CA 95366 (44.1 mi) - Latin Tutor - $42.50/hr.

$ 42.50

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