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Keyboard giving you trouble? Piano, organ or computer? Learning, Buying or Selling? Looking for help? Select a tutor today. Taking typing or keyboarding in school or for yourself? Having trouble with th standard QWERTY keyboard? Having trouble with the number keypad? Need help with the Function keys? Expert tutors can help. Select a tutor now. Your keyboard tutor is ready and waiting. Select a tutor today.

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Located at the southern end of the bay, San Jose is an incredible place to live. Select a tutor Today. Don't let your child struggle or get further behind in school - let one of our talented San Jose tutors make a difference for your family today. Look today and start tomorrow. Check out our supurb San Jose tutors and end the homework battles.

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Candi J. - Fremont, CA 94536 (13.8 mi) - $40/hr.

Candi J. - Fremont, CA 94536 (13.8 mi) - $40/hr.

I present concepts in a variety of ways, such as: "hands on," visually, problem-solving, and inquiry-based. I reinforce the concepts each time we have a session. I tutor with a style that is accepting, positive, and where my student's feel comfortable enough to ask questions and become actively involved. All my students are successful learners who have fun learning! My passion in life is teaching, where I can tutor students on a 1:1 basis! My teaching / tutoring experience includes classroom high school teaching, where my specialties were Math, Science, and English. Also, I tutored middle-schoolers in ESL, Social Studies, and Literature. I enjoy tutoring adukt learners on English and Citizenship. And finally, I have taught private piano lessons and music reading.

Also Tutors: Piano, Vocals

Candi J. - Fremont, CA 94536 (13.8 mi) - $40/hr.


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Christie B. - San Jose, CA 95125 (3 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $30.00/hr. Christie B. - San Jose, CA 95125 (3 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $30.00/hr.

15 years in professional Theatre Education. Teaching, directing and coaching for decades. Most humble and polite "Theatre Person" you'll meet in California - so my student's parents say.... BFA & MFA in Musical Theatre, Music, Drama, Dance, Special Learners and Theatre Education. Contact for detailed vitae!

Also Tutors: Vocals, Musical
Christie B. - San Jose, CA 95125 (3 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

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Wilson d. - San Jose, CA 95111 (5 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $42.50/hr. Wilson d. - San Jose, CA 95111 (5 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $42.50/hr.

I use different approaches about things lived in the student reality and daily life. I like to use songs, singing, games, tests, pictures, movies, etc. I have long years of experience in teaching languages and music to varied groups of student and ages.I am a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese language and I love teaching. I have a good relationship with my students and my classes are very innovative and always motivated. I always have my classes well prepared and make the student free to evaluate me.

Also Tutors: Trombone, Vocals, Musical
Wilson d. - San Jose, CA 95111 (5 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $42.50/hr.

$ 42.50

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Sakura L. - San Jose, CA 95148 (6.2 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $20.00/hr. Sakura L. - San Jose, CA 95148 (6.2 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $20.00/hr.

I am a teenager who loves helping and tutoring people. I loves to read and play music. I played flute for 2 years as well as other instruments such as piano and guitar and percussion. I also love cheerleading and doing Theatre. My favorite thing to do is web designing and using programs like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Alice. I am a hearing impaired myself and I have been with many different kind of people with disabilities.

Also Tutors: Flute, Drums, Piano, Percussion, Musical, Guitar
Sakura L. - San Jose, CA 95148 (6.2 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $20.00/hr.

$ 20.00

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Danny M. - Berkeley, CA 94703 (35.9 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $25.00/hr. Danny M. - Berkeley, CA 94703 (35.9 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $25.00/hr.

Emphasis and understanding of the fundmental material is crucial, and I would focus more on simplifying how certain topics should be understood rather than over-complicating the problem. Law student based in Berkeley, studying in Ireland. Educated in Clongowes Wood College (Ireland), achieving top grades in English, Music and Geography. Received the RIAM silver medal at 15 for piano, and the gold medal at 18 years of age. Played drums for 12+ years. Certified TEFL English language teacher and runner-up in the 2011 Beckett-Joyce award for creative writing. Tutored for ages 15-18 in the English category and can teach piano and drums to all but advanced performers.

Also Tutors: Drums, Piano, Vocals, Percussion, Musical, Guitar
Danny M. - Berkeley, CA 94703 (35.9 mi) - Keyboard Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

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