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Big CAD test looming? Not ready? Select a tutor today and you will be. CAD may be used to design curves and figures in two-dimensional (2D) space; or curves, surfaces, and solids in three-dimensional (3D) objects. Where do you need help? Select a tutor now. Design can be computer aided, so why can't you be tutor aided? Select a tutor today.

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Known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is the third largest city in California. Select a tutor Now. Don't let your child struggle or get further behind in school - let one of our talented San Jose tutors make a difference for your family today. Look today and start tomorrow. Check out our supurb San Jose tutors and end the homework battles.

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Alex D. - San Francisco, CA 94110 (34.4 mi) - $35/hr.

Alex D. - San Francisco, CA 94110 (34.4 mi) - $35/hr.

- High resolution and Low resolution 3d modeling (hard surface and organics), texturing, lighting, shading and rendering for different purposes - for game assets production and print/broadcast/advertising purposes. Highly proficient in 3dsMax, Maya, Blender, After Effects, Photoshop, and photo realistic rendering using Vray, Iray, Octane and Cycles.

Also Tutors: Computer, Graphic Design, SketchUp

Alex D. - San Francisco, CA 94110 (34.4 mi) - $35/hr.


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Ning Z. - Milpitas, CA 95035 (6 mi) - CAD Tutor - $30.00/hr. Ning Z. - Milpitas, CA 95035 (6 mi) - CAD Tutor - $30.00/hr.

• 3+ years of experience in digital ASIC/VLSI design, verification, silicon implementation and probe-station testing in mixed-signal team with 4 successful tapeouts using custom designed low voltage and low power cell library • 3+ years of experience in RTL design & logic synthesis, timing constrain creation, analysis and optimization, ASIC physical design including floor planning, power planning/routing, CTS, place/route, static timing analysis & signal integrity check, formal verification/logic equivalence check, ECOs and DRC & LVS • Expertise in Energy-Efficient Standard Cell Library/IP development, transistor/schematic level designing/tuning for performance • Extensive experience in Verilog/VHDL, Unix, Tcl, Objective-C, C/C++/Java, Matlab, PCB Design and lab bring-up • Familiar with SRAM, computer architecture, micro-architecture, communication, arithmetic datapath and analog de

Also Tutors: Computer Programming
Ning Z. - Milpitas, CA 95035 (6 mi) - CAD Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

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Ying Heng P - San Leandro, CA 94579 (24.2 mi) - CAD Tutor - $46.50/hr. Ying Heng P - San Leandro, CA 94579 (24.2 mi) - CAD Tutor - $46.50/hr.

I enjoy the rewarding pleasures of teaching. I believe that all students have the potentials to be successful in their course, as long as they find themselves in a comfortable and functional learning system. It is true that such ideal system is different for each student, and sometime it is difficult to achieve it. But I enjoy the challenge to develop a unique study plan for each individual student and help him or her achieve success in the course. I will try my best to help every student I teach and help them reach their goals. UCLA provided me the occasion to experience a diverse, driven, and excellent learning environment, where I obtained a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics, which allows me to expand my knowledge in math and science. In addition, I also was an exchange student in University of Hong Kong, and joined a summer session in Nagoya Unive

Also Tutors: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access
Ying Heng P - San Leandro, CA 94579 (24.2 mi) - CAD Tutor - $46.50/hr.

$ 46.50

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Ruby V - Alameda, CA 94501 (31.3 mi) - CAD Tutor - $49.50/hr. Ruby V - Alameda, CA 94501 (31.3 mi) - CAD Tutor - $49.50/hr.

I am an example that having the right guidance at an early age can really make a difference. I was accelerated from level 4 to 5 based on academic proficiency, and was granted a scholarship to the most prestigious math and science high school in the Philippines, which gave me a very good foundation in math and sciences, and that knowledge made my transition into university very easy. I was then admitted to the top performing university (UP) in the Philippines, and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering at the age of 20. For the last 5 years, I have been doing volunteer tutoring in Math for children in middle school and for those who are reviewing for high school and university entrance examinations . I love working with children. I can easily build a rapport with kids, making them more comfortable because I believe that learning should also be fun and enjoyable. I bel

Also Tutors: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel
Ruby V - Alameda, CA 94501 (31.3 mi) - CAD Tutor - $49.50/hr.

$ 49.50

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Den T - Oakland, CA 94606 (32.2 mi) - CAD Tutor - $48.00/hr. Den T - Oakland, CA 94606 (32.2 mi) - CAD Tutor - $48.00/hr.

During the ups and downs of my undergraduate career, I became self-aware of the challenges that a student faces, especially within subjects that are not his/her strong suits. I believe the best approach is one where self-motivation from within is encouraged, as any subject is difficult without the right motivation. To identify the right motivation, as a tutor back in 2001, I took time to discuss with the students their interests and goals. By understanding them on this personal level, I felt it was easier to connect with them and make them realize that their success was of great importance to me. As a graduate from a top-10 university and from graduate school, I know what it takes to get into a top program and succeed at a high level. In the past 5 year, I have been working as a consultant in the environmental industry, but want to take some time off now to explore other interest.

Also Tutors: Microsoft Office, Graphic Design, Microsoft Excel, Desktop Publishing, Microsoft Access
Den T - Oakland, CA 94606 (32.2 mi) - CAD Tutor - $48.00/hr.

$ 48.00

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Timothy P - Oakland, CA 94611 (33 mi) - CAD Tutor - $47.50/hr. Timothy P - Oakland, CA 94611 (33 mi) - CAD Tutor - $47.50/hr.

I approach instruction from the view that “teach[ing] a man to fish, will feed him for a lifetime”. I am committed to building on what my students bring with them, using this as a fulcrum on which to hinge their learning. This approach succeeds in helping students understand that they are capable of and even responsible for teaching themselves?–?a skill I see as a necessity in life, especially once a student can no longer expect formal instruction. In addition to my own experiences with learning several languages, I have benefited from coursework in Behavioral Psychology, which has taught me to create positive classroom atmosphere. My students note my enthusiasm for language and express appreciation for my linguistic explanations. I have spent 6 years teaching university-level German language courses and reading comprehension & writing courses. Before this, I spent 2 years as a volunteer

Also Tutors: HTML, Microsoft Office, Graphic Design, Microsoft Excel, Desktop Publishing
Timothy P - Oakland, CA 94611 (33 mi) - CAD Tutor - $47.50/hr.

$ 47.50

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