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In the band and a competition coming up? Need to improve your skills? Select a tutor and you can. The violin is played by musicians in a wide variety of musical genres, including Baroque music, classical, jazz, folk music, and rock and roll. Play it well and you might be the next Charlie Daniels! Select a tutor today. Experts at violin are waiting to help. Select your tutor today.

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San Diego’s emphasis on education is apparent in its notable support of the biotechnology research being conducted at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center. Select a tutor Today. As a city with students of all ages, we have cultivated an elite group of San Diego tutors to help students with any subject necessary. Our reputation as a premium service is evident in the multitude of testimonials and referrals we have received from parents, students, and schools throughout the San Diego area.

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Sarah L - La Jolla, CA 92092 (9.9 mi) - Violin Tutor - $46.50/hr. Sarah L - La Jolla, CA 92092 (9.9 mi) - Violin Tutor - $46.50/hr.

I am a graduate student in materials science at UC San Diego, and a recent graduate of the California Institute of Technology with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I have a broad and thorough understanding of math and physics, and to a lesser degree in chemistry and biology, as well as in more specialized subjects. I also have good writing skills gained from writing research and review papers and papers for graduate-level history classes. I am very familiar with the SAT and GRE tests and have two years' experience tutoring students in remedial classes at the high school and elementary school level. My goal in teaching is to ensure that my students have a strong understanding of the subject and do not just follow a formula or recite rote knowledge. In addition to explaining concepts, I like to use models and present example problems with which the student can demonstrate his grasp of the

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Sarah L - La Jolla, CA 92092 (9.9 mi) - Violin Tutor - $46.50/hr.

$ 46.50

average per hour



Janet A - Encinitas, CA 92024 (20.5 mi) - Violin Tutor - $58.50/hr. Janet A - Encinitas, CA 92024 (20.5 mi) - Violin Tutor - $58.50/hr.

I accepted tutoring assignments from another institution over 20 years ago. I recall bringing a young man from a "D" to a "B" in a very short period of time, and my most rewarding experience was with a young lady (today an accomplished attorney) who won a Coca-Cola essay scholarship I helped her with. I have been in a managerial role with my employers for over 20 years, and the role of a manager is to teach/mentor/train on all levels. Since I am not a teacher by training, I believe my key to educating is to strive to understand the motivation or fear that is blocking progress. Once engaged, my experience is that the individual will be successful. My leadership style is to lead by integrity. This means honest and direct communication and delivery on commitments. I share life experience stories and lead by expample. I set clear expectations and provide the knowlege/training to achiev

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Janet A - Encinitas, CA 92024 (20.5 mi) - Violin Tutor - $58.50/hr.

$ 58.50

average per hour



Nanae G - Carlsbad, CA 92009 (21.6 mi) - Violin Tutor - $46.00/hr. Nanae G - Carlsbad, CA 92009 (21.6 mi) - Violin Tutor - $46.00/hr.

I finished both my bachelor's and master's degree in piano performance. I truly enjoy teaching music as I have been teaching private piano lessons for nine years, vocal coaching and accompanying for high school choirs, opera theaters and musical theaters. I am a responsible individual, and I always try to do my best for everything in my life. In addition, I do speak Japanese fluently and I have experience teaching Japanese to students in the past. Overall, I'm fun and caring person. I always try to have a good time with students; at the same time, I make sure they do achieve their goals. I totally believe having a lot of fun, and reach goals at the same time is possible. That's how I earned my college degree.I am a very good communicator, and my teaching style varies depend on the students I teach. I always try to analyze what they need the most and work on it. Witnessing students reac

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Nanae G - Carlsbad, CA 92009 (21.6 mi) - Violin Tutor - $46.00/hr.

$ 46.00

average per hour