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Praxis Exam Tutoring

A Praxis test is one of a series of American teacher certification exams written and administered by the Educational Testing Service. Various Praxis tests are usually required before, during, and after teacher training courses in the U.S. Looking for help? Select a tutor today. The Praxis II assessments cover many different subject areas. Each education major requires a different combination of Praxis II exams. In some states, students must pass these exams before being accepted into the student teaching component of the program. Need help? Select a tutor now. Praxis Exam determines teacher certification and is also important to a school nurse or psychologist. Your tutor is ready and waiting. Select a tutor today.

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The Census Bureau ranks San Diego as the 9th most educated city in the US with 40% of its population attaining a bachelor’s degree or higher. Select a tutor Now. Our highly customized service means that you determine exactly who your San Diego tutor will be, where the tutoring will take place, and for how long. Don't let another day go by - get the help you by selecting one of our great San Diego tutors today.

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Brian D - San Diego, CA 92120 (6.3 mi) - Praxis Exam Tutor - $52.00/hr. Brian D - San Diego, CA 92120 (6.3 mi) - Praxis Exam Tutor - $52.00/hr.

I love Mathematics and I often wear my heart on sleeve; when it comes to Math, I try to infect the student with that bug. I believe that most students have issues with their immediate teaching and, as a result, feel that math has no meaning to them, hence I teach Mathematics in a contextual manner, showing deep meaning for the drills imposed in the classroom curriculums most experience daily. I stress heuristic analysis techniques that have shown great results I have tutored HS 9-12 and undrgraduate students individually in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and for SAT/ACT testing since the late 1990's. I received teaching credentials for teaching 9-12 Mathematics in California in 2005. I have worked as a Math/Sciences substitute in the Grossmont Union High School District since that time. I have also worked with A+ Professional Tutoring -- in San Diego County -- and Tutor.com --

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Brian D - San Diego, CA 92120 (6.3 mi) - Praxis Exam Tutor - $52.00/hr.

$ 52.00

average per hour



Douglas K - San Diego, CA 92130 (13.1 mi) - Praxis Exam Tutor - $42.50/hr. Douglas K - San Diego, CA 92130 (13.1 mi) - Praxis Exam Tutor - $42.50/hr.

Most of my students are at-risk or attention deficit students, so I employ a style where I emphasize a good set of basic skills and knowing why we use the techniques we utilize. Most of my methods are visual and I emphasize laying down the structure of the solution when useful. I always tell why each step is used. If they know the why, then math becomes intuitive and not just memorized. My methods have been extremely successful and I have tutored many of my co-workers children, including the district manager's son. I worked as a math tutor as a student worker during my last 3 years of college while working on my BS in Computer Science until 2004. I had previously studied at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and had an extensive background in Math. I taught at a Catholic High School, Messmer, for one year after graduation until 2005, before returning to ITT as an adjunct i

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Douglas K - San Diego, CA 92130 (13.1 mi) - Praxis Exam Tutor - $42.50/hr.

$ 42.50

average per hour