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The Medical College Admission Test, commonly known as the MCAT, is a computer-based standardized examination for prospective medical students in the United States and Canada. Looking for help? Select a tutor today. The MCAT test consists of four sections - Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Writing Sample and Biological Sciences. The writing sample consists of two short essays that are typed into the computer, while the other three are multiple choice. Select a tutor now. Medical School requires excellent MCATS - want to attend Stanford? You need at least MCAT Biology of 12, MCAT Physics of 12 and MCAT Verbal of 11. Better get help now. Select a tutor today.

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San Diego’s emphasis on education is apparent in its notable support of the biotechnology research being conducted at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center. Select a tutor Today. Our highly customized service means that you determine exactly who your San Diego tutor will be, where the tutoring will take place, and for how long. Don't let another day go by - get the help you by selecting one of our great San Diego tutors today.

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Antonio F - San Diego, CA 92119 (8.4 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $48.50/hr. Antonio F - San Diego, CA 92119 (8.4 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $48.50/hr.

I finished my lower division coursework at a california community college (AHC) and earned a total of six associate degrees. While at the community college, I administered practice test for students in MESA in mathematics (Calculus 1,2,3, and 4) while also working the maximum of 20 hours a week in the campus math lab (walk-in tutoring). Furthermore, I attended and graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's degree in physics and a minor in mathematics and finished the necessary coursework to apply to all medical school programs in to the country. I tutored for side money while attending UCLA. Currently, I'm a graduate student at SDSU. I'm two courses and a Master's thesis away from receiving my Master's degree in Physics. I prefer to approach every student very slowly in the beginning to understand exactly where their trouble are. Listening is the most important attribute that a tutor can have

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Antonio F - San Diego, CA 92119 (8.4 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $48.50/hr.

$ 48.50

average per hour



Sann C - San Diego, CA 92126 (10.9 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $44.00/hr. Sann C - San Diego, CA 92126 (10.9 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $44.00/hr.

I prepare for tutoring sessions by asking any prospective students to please send me their study material prior to our sessions (at least a day please!). This helps me evaluate what may be needed to master the material for their class and is just one of the ways that I cater to my students needs and prepare them for success. I am a firm believer in asking questions. Not only do I ask questions, but I also constantly encourage students to ask me questions as well. This helps me better gauge where they are struggling and where I need to assist most in fortifying their understanding. I am a recent graduate from UCSD that majored in Human Biology and Psychology. I have 5 cumulative years of tutoring in a variety of subjects. I consider math my forte (from Algebra to Precalculus and Calculus), but I am more than proficient in other areas of science including biology, chemistry and physics.

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Sann C - San Diego, CA 92126 (10.9 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $44.00/hr.

$ 44.00

average per hour



Nahid H - San Diego, CA 92127 (18 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $44.00/hr. Nahid H - San Diego, CA 92127 (18 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $44.00/hr.

Teaching is a great way to educate and to learn. As a tutor, first, I see the student’s understanding level. I plan ahead of time and prepare proper material. However, if the material is provided, I find effective methods of teaching, and teach each student accordingly. It’s obvious that some techniques work better for some students but not others. Therefor, I choose a good teaching method, and assist students to learn the material better, faster and easier. As a recent graduate of San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and minor in Psychology, I have taken many classes in biology, physics, algebra, psychology, chemistry as well as organic chemistry. I learned how to plan, provide and educated students by teaching and tutoring sciences and English classes for four years. Throughout my working experiences, I learned how to manage and organize an efficient and in

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Nahid H - San Diego, CA 92127 (18 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $44.00/hr.

$ 44.00

average per hour