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CAD - computer aided design or coronary artery disease? Not sure? Select a tutor today! CAD is an important industrial art extensively used in many applications, including automotive, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries, industrial and architectural design, prosthetics, and many more. Design your future now when you select a tutor. CAD help is on the way from an expert when you select a tutor today.

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The Census Bureau ranks San Diego as the 9th most educated city in the US with 40% of its population attaining a bachelor’s degree or higher. Select a tutor Now. San Diego hosts four school districts to cover the needs of all its public school students. These residents take their education very seriously and so do we! Don't let another day go by - get the help you by selecting one of our great San Diego tutors today.

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Erich K. - San Diego, CA 92101 (0.3 mi) - $40/hr.

Erich K. - San Diego, CA 92101 (0.3 mi) - $40/hr.

Very hands on and simplified. I am a Graduate Student at San Diego State University obtaining my Masters in Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering while working full time as an engineer for a private firm. I graduated from San Diego State University in 2011 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, after switching from Aerospace Engineering, and 2 minors in Physical World Geography and World History. I enjoy tutoring/teaching, and can give students a very real perspective of the current teaching methodologies and subject matter. I tutored right after I graduated, before I passed my E.I.T. certification.

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Erich K. - San Diego, CA 92101 (0.3 mi) - $40/hr.


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Les B. - San Diego, CA 92124 (6.9 mi) - CAD Tutor - $42.50/hr. Les B. - San Diego, CA 92124 (6.9 mi) - CAD Tutor - $42.50/hr.

Long Career in Aerospace Engineering as Aero-Mechanical Engineer working on both Aircraft and Spacecraft using an Engineering Education gained at USC-Los Angeles in a Masters Degree. Have worked for major Aerospace and Defense companies in roles requiring use of science, mathematics, and engineering principals and techniques. Also previously obtained Certification in California for Teaching as well. Tailored to student learning style and making sure that all questions and follow-up questions get answered.

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Les B. - San Diego, CA 92124 (6.9 mi) - CAD Tutor - $42.50/hr.

$ 42.50

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Adam D - Chula Vista, CA 91911 (8.8 mi) - CAD Tutor - $47.50/hr. Adam D - Chula Vista, CA 91911 (8.8 mi) - CAD Tutor - $47.50/hr.

Often times, a person who is failing a subject might feel like a lost cause, that no one can help them. However, my belief is that all students are worth helping, that each individual has a right to succeed. Further, frustration can be a huge obstacle in the learning process. My approach is to slow down the process and identify the problem areas. Only then do we pick up speed in practicing homework/practice problems. In addition, I believe in a positive atmosphere for learning where patience, understanding, and positive criticism are all vital to success As both a native of Chula Vista and a UCSD graduate, I have seen and experienced what it takes in order to grow up from a local teenager to a qualified adult ready to take on the world. I have attained a BA in Music, which actually required an additional understanding of math, physics, and computer science, as well. My tutoring experienc

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Adam D - Chula Vista, CA 91911 (8.8 mi) - CAD Tutor - $47.50/hr.

$ 47.50

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Sarah L - La Jolla, CA 92092 (9.9 mi) - CAD Tutor - $46.50/hr. Sarah L - La Jolla, CA 92092 (9.9 mi) - CAD Tutor - $46.50/hr.

I am a graduate student in materials science at UC San Diego, and a recent graduate of the California Institute of Technology with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I have a broad and thorough understanding of math and physics, and to a lesser degree in chemistry and biology, as well as in more specialized subjects. I also have good writing skills gained from writing research and review papers and papers for graduate-level history classes. I am very familiar with the SAT and GRE tests and have two years' experience tutoring students in remedial classes at the high school and elementary school level. My goal in teaching is to ensure that my students have a strong understanding of the subject and do not just follow a formula or recite rote knowledge. In addition to explaining concepts, I like to use models and present example problems with which the student can demonstrate his grasp of the

Also Tutors: Microsoft Office
Sarah L - La Jolla, CA 92092 (9.9 mi) - CAD Tutor - $46.50/hr.

$ 46.50

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