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French Tutoring

Avez-vous l'érudition d'ennui pour parler français ? Un professeur peut aider, l'un choisit maintenant. (Do you have trouble learning to speak French? A tutor can help, pick one now.) French is a Romance language spoken as a first language by most people from France, French-speaking Switzerland, Wallonia and Brussels in Belgium, Monaco, and the regions of Quebec and Acadia in Canada, as well as minorities elsewhere. Need help? Select a tutor now. Want to learn French or speak French better? Your tutor is ready and waiting. Select a tutor today.

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A star in Texas, San Antonio is home to five Fortune 500 companies. Select a tutor Today. Students in San Antonio play hard and study hard. If you are looking for a tutor today, you have come to the best place. Don't let your child get further behind in San Antonio - seek help from a friendly and talented tutor today.

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Olivier N. - San Antonio, TX 78249 (8.2 mi) - $25/hr.

Olivier N. - San Antonio, TX 78249 (8.2 mi) - $25/hr.

My comments on tutoring French: I am french and speak french fluently.

I speak french fluently.I am french.I went to school in France and Switzerland.I lived and worked in Haiti in the Caribbean for 25 years and dedicated my time to help others.I am very patient and a great listener.I am in the sales field and never really taught french before but since I am speak french I think I will be a great teacher.

Olivier N. - San Antonio, TX 78249 (8.2 mi) - $25/hr.


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Jessica G. - San Antonio, TX 78245 (10.3 mi) - French Tutor - $42.50/hr. Jessica G. - San Antonio, TX 78245 (10.3 mi) - French Tutor - $42.50/hr.

Interactive and lively. I'm passionate about education, the process of bringing light to the student's confused mind is exciting for me. My methods are interactive and fun, as I create a safe environment and friendship with my students. I've taught children and adults alike with the same slightly modified techniques. That said bringing the twinkle to my students's eyes is my goal.

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Jessica G. - San Antonio, TX 78245 (10.3 mi) - French Tutor - $42.50/hr.

$ 42.50

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Logan S. - Seguin, TX 78155 (27.9 mi) - French Tutor - $35.00/hr. Logan S. - Seguin, TX 78155 (27.9 mi) - French Tutor - $35.00/hr.

Recently graduated, I have taken four years of Spanish. I taught Spanish III and Spanish II last year with classes ranging in size from 31 to 25 as well as having taught French I and French II in the same year. I taught myself a variety of languages mainly Romance languages including French, and Portuguese along with many others still working at fluency. I teach in a style which combines different tactics and methods in order to engage the students in the subject. In example, when teaching foreign language I make it a point to incorporate the culture of the native people and their customs along with music and art.

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Logan S. - Seguin, TX 78155 (27.9 mi) - French Tutor - $35.00/hr.

$ 35.00

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Marvin C - San Antonio, TX 78250 (8.3 mi) - French Tutor - $41.50/hr. Marvin C - San Antonio, TX 78250 (8.3 mi) - French Tutor - $41.50/hr.

Whether it is in front of a class of 40 or one-on-one, I have been endowed not only with the talent to teach, but also with the God-given ability to motivate. Most students hate my guts for the first week or two because I do not tolerate underachievement from anyone, including parents; but down the line the most frequent evaluation I receive is, “Mr. C, you are awesome.” There is no one who cannot be motivated to learn something well; and I always associate what must be learned with what a student's passion is or in what he/she is already interested. My students do not just learn the subject I teach. They learn how to learn and think "out of the box" and how to become a success. My teaching credentials are in English and education. However... At the middle school level and high school level, I have taught/tutored English composition, geography, history, soci

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Marvin C - San Antonio, TX 78250 (8.3 mi) - French Tutor - $41.50/hr.

$ 41.50

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Justin T - Helotes, TX 78023 (10.3 mi) - French Tutor - $39.50/hr. Justin T - Helotes, TX 78023 (10.3 mi) - French Tutor - $39.50/hr.

My missionary experiences informed me of one idea: people are important and they have to be considered person-by-person. Those experiences have led me to take a teaching philosophy and teaching practice that is person-centric. I work to understand the rhetorics, theories, practices, and experiences that inform each student and the classroom as a whole. In practice, this manifests in extensive talking and co-writing (on daily assignments) to assess where exactly these students are at and how I can help them. I believe that each student, each individual, has the desire and capacity to learn, so I am constantly working to demystify composition so they can truly see how language can inform them and make their lives better. Applicable to this job, I remember my high school years and the processes I had during my English and Composition assignments. I completed an English Bachelor’s degree, wi

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Justin T - Helotes, TX 78023 (10.3 mi) - French Tutor - $39.50/hr.

$ 39.50

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Soheila S - Seguin, TX 78155 (26.7 mi) - French Tutor - $35.50/hr. Soheila S - Seguin, TX 78155 (26.7 mi) - French Tutor - $35.50/hr.

I love French language and I'm very interested in teaching it to all. I do my best in my work and all of my students love French language after attending in my courses. I am very patient and become too excited when they learn. I encourage my students and I give them self confidence to learn. I'm sure that I'm one of the most influent teachers in student's learning. As I taught 8 years French language in institute and as a tutor , I think I have too much experience in teaching . I have MA in French literature and I am fluent in writing and speaking French language. In addition to teaching , I have 7 years of experience in a Human Resource company and I'm familiar with the contracts and correspondence .

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Soheila S - Seguin, TX 78155 (26.7 mi) - French Tutor - $35.50/hr.

$ 35.50

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