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Will you be one of the 1/3 of all Series 7 exam takers who do not get a passing score? Increase your odds by selecting a tutor today. Taking the Series 7 exam, but a little rusty in one or more areas? Remove the rust and shine with the help of a tutor. Select one now. Individuals who want to enter the securities industry to sell any type of securities must take the Series 7 examination. Are you ready for the test of your life with a better future earning capacity hanging in the balance? Select a tutor and get firm footing.

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St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri and one of the world's leading botanical research centers. Select a tutor today. Students across the St. Louis area are talking about our services. If you need any type of tutoring, your first stop should be here. St. Louis students are excelling with the help of our amazing tutors.

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Andrew H. - Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367 (25.1 mi) - $60/hr.

Andrew H. - Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367 (25.1 mi) - $60/hr.

High School AP Economics teacher for six years prior to working in the finance industry. I am the Vice President and Sr. Wealth Management Advisor at my firm. I am also the Supervisory Principal for our Brokerage services. I have taken over the training for our Series 7, 66 and 99 candidates and incorporate different teaching styles to reach learners of all abilities. I will provide an overview of the subject material and will hone in on the areas that the student has recognized as a weakness. Between my teaching background coupled with my finance background I have been able to build a model of success for my students to not just pass these exams with high marks but to truly understand and retain the material. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals.

Andrew H. - Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367 (25.1 mi) - $60/hr.


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Kellie A. - Saint Louis, MO 63123 (4.5 mi) - SERIES 7 Tutor - $37.50/hr. Kellie A. - Saint Louis, MO 63123 (4.5 mi) - SERIES 7 Tutor - $37.50/hr.

I have been Series 7 Licensed for 2 years. In those two years I have supported Online Trading for Wells Fargo Advisors and also been a back up to branches to take client's trades. I also educate client on how to trade. I have worked in the financial industry for 3 years. I also have my Series 63 and Series 9. I am working on my Series 10 now. I am laid back. I communicate well, patient, and will teach how you learn best. (Hands on, visual, audio)

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Kellie A. - Saint Louis, MO 63123 (4.5 mi) - SERIES 7 Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

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Sara W - St. Louis, MO 63131 (5.9 mi) - SERIES 7 Tutor - $39.00/hr. Sara W - St. Louis, MO 63131 (5.9 mi) - SERIES 7 Tutor - $39.00/hr.

After graduating from Duke University with a BS in Economics and a Minor in Psychology, I moved to New York City to work in a large financial institution. During my two years there I volunteered as a mentor and tutor to a 7th/8th grader, a college counselor to a high school senior, and a career mentor to a middle aged woman who had lost her job during the financial crisis. I have extensive experience with essay writing, test preparation, and mathematics. I have also studied both French and Italian and am capable in both. I believe that one of the most important aspects of a successful teaching relationship is understanding both the student's personal learning style and what motivates him or her. I care deeply about the success of the students I work with and am able to adapt my teaching techniques to meet each student's personal needs. I strive to not only give my students greater knowle

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Sara W - St. Louis, MO 63131 (5.9 mi) - SERIES 7 Tutor - $39.00/hr.

$ 39.00

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Dawn J - Des Peres, MO 63122 (8.1 mi) - SERIES 7 Tutor - $35.50/hr. Dawn J - Des Peres, MO 63122 (8.1 mi) - SERIES 7 Tutor - $35.50/hr.

As a goal oriented person, I started out with an Associates in Business Administration, the B.S. in Accounting and finally an MBA. My strengths are motivating others, communicating diplomatically, financial analysis, and explaining accounting principles. I come from a long line of teachers, but preferred to get business experience before I finally started living my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher in 2001. My passion is teaching young adults the basic skills of life. I believe everyone should have both accounting and finance classes to learn to count, save and invest their money! I use the Socratic method of instruction to reach all types of students and to measure comprehension along the way. I love motivating students to jump over their own personal hurdles and celebrate success!

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Dawn J - Des Peres, MO 63122 (8.1 mi) - SERIES 7 Tutor - $35.50/hr.

$ 35.50

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