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Is percussion more important to you as a budding musician, entry into the medical field or as part of the military? Expert tutors in all areas are waiting for you today. Select a tutor now. Playing a percussion instrument and need help? Select a tutor today. Does percussion have repercussions? Select a tutor and find out.

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St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri and one of the world's leading botanical research centers. Select a tutor today. Our St. Louis tutors are reliable and talented. If you need academic, project or work help, you have come to the right place. Our amazing St. Louis tutors can get you back on track quickly.

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Aaron B. - Saint Louis, MO 63110 (1.5 mi) - $30/hr.

Aaron B. - Saint Louis, MO 63110 (1.5 mi) - $30/hr.

MUSIC TEACHER Versatile – Dedication – Passion Multi-talented teaching professional; Dedicated to the arts; Compassionate in providing a solid education, and to instill in all students; a positive respect for the appreciation of music; Culturally Diverse in all music genres; Proven ability to capture students inner creativity, skills and abilities; Instructed students in musicianship skills; Maintain a motivated and well-disciplined classroom where each student feels special, cared for, and successful; A trustworthy educator who cultivates a strong relationship with parents, students, and fellow coworkers. Teach and write cadences for Drumline Camps, 1992-2007 Teach and arrange music for Band Camps 2004-2007 Featured Drum Cadence writer and performed in the movie, “Drumline”, 2002.

Also Tutors: Trombone, Oboe, Cornet, Flute, Trumpet, Saxophone, Drums

Aaron B. - Saint Louis, MO 63110 (1.5 mi) - $30/hr.


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Samuel B - St. Louis, MO 63105 (1 mi) - Percussion Tutor - $38.50/hr. Samuel B - St. Louis, MO 63105 (1 mi) - Percussion Tutor - $38.50/hr.

As of March, 2010, I am a second semester senior at Valparaiso University pursuing a Bachelors of Art in Music with a music industry track and business minor. I have been classically trained in Trumpet and Euphonium. I have taken classes to learn all brass instruments and purcussion instruments. I have been playing trumpet for 14 years and low brass instruments for 7. I am good with talking to kids and know how to talk to kids to get them excited about music. I have been in a leading role in bands since I was in high school which has tought me how to teach music in a way that people can understand and enjoy it. I am hard working, easy going, easy to talk to and can teach music in a way that kids and adults can understand and enjoy music. I believe that the more work you put into something, the mroe you will get out of it and can motivate kids to work hard and learn and love music.

Also Tutors: Trumpet, Piano, Guitar
Samuel B - St. Louis, MO 63105 (1 mi) - Percussion Tutor - $38.50/hr.

$ 38.50

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Megan T - St. Louis, MO 63139 (1.2 mi) - Percussion Tutor - $36.00/hr. Megan T - St. Louis, MO 63139 (1.2 mi) - Percussion Tutor - $36.00/hr.

Speaking to children of all ages comes naturally to me. My parents both love being teachers and have been in the game for over 30 years a piece! I traveled to schools to give presentations on my marine mammal experiences to grades K-8. I currently work for the Education Department at the Saint Louis ZOO where we strive to keep learning a blast! I believe learning sticks when it's fun and stumbled upon! A GOOD teacher can be a gift and set a fire in a child or young adult to take on the world! I love sharing my passion for learning and understanding. I hope it's contagious! I have always had a knack for the sciences and left the Midwest to follow my love of Marine Biology. While in school, I revisted my interest in the arts (painting, piano, and animation). It was then I realized I was passionate about so many topics and didn't want to limit myself to one thing! I've worked wit

Also Tutors: Saxophone, Piano, Vocals, Musical
Megan T - St. Louis, MO 63139 (1.2 mi) - Percussion Tutor - $36.00/hr.

$ 36.00

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Dr Bruce A - St. Louis, MO 63123 (3.9 mi) - Percussion Tutor - $34.50/hr. Dr Bruce A - St. Louis, MO 63123 (3.9 mi) - Percussion Tutor - $34.50/hr.

Self Employed 30 Years, Hospital Administration,Served Fortune 20 Corp. officers for 10 years. Who's who business 1992 Former owner of computer retail sales and services including most all uses of Microsoft Applications, Various LAN and WAN. Former Media, motion picture and audio/video producer, NYC, Concept to completion. National commercials and audio. Music education major, Attended Pittsfield MA conservatory for trombone performance. Math/science; Doctor of Chiropractic. Anatomy, chemestries, algebra and trig. Ability to help prepare for testing allows for successful completion of Doctorate program; completion of all international board exams. Homework help and compiling data for test preparation. Adaptation to student abilities.If the student is able to learn from direct audio visual teaching methods then that method is preferred along with the current textbook an

Also Tutors: Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Vocals, Musical, Guitar
Dr Bruce A - St. Louis, MO 63123 (3.9 mi) - Percussion Tutor - $34.50/hr.

$ 34.50

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