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Did you know that on the GMAT the maximum score that can be achieved is 800? Need help? Select a tutor. On the GMAT writing test over the last 3 years, the mean score has been 4.4. Need help? Select a tutor. If you could improve Graduate School or Scholarship chances by improving GMAT scores, why would you not select a tutor?

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St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri and one of the world's leading botanical research centers. Select a tutor today. Our St. Louis tutors are reliable and talented. If you need academic, project or work help, you have come to the right place. St. Louis students are excelling with the help of our amazing tutors.

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Anne Marie M. - Florissant, MO 63031 (12 mi) - $40/hr.

Anne Marie M. - Florissant, MO 63031 (12 mi) - $40/hr.

I have been teaching since I started college. I taught in the tutoring center at SIUE as a freshman. Since then I have taught a wide variety of classes at Lewis and Clark Community College and St. Louis Community College. I also have had students that I have tutored for many years until they moved off to college. Even then I sometimes was called for tutoring when they were back home. I also have helped with middle and high school math contest teams I listen intently to what students ask to decipher their level of understanding. I wish for the students to truely understand and not merely mimic. Math is thinking. Too often I see people who at first are struggling with math treating it as a mimicing subject. Some repetitive practice is needed, but understanding prior to the repetition is better.

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Anne Marie M. - Florissant, MO 63031 (12 mi) - $40/hr.


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Chun X - Brentwood, MO 63144 (2.4 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $37.00/hr. Chun X - Brentwood, MO 63144 (2.4 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $37.00/hr.

Tutored inner-city and disadvantaged students in elementary English and math for 1 year. TA’ed undergraduate finance class, options pricing, for 1 year. Co-lead two Bible studies groups for one year; one of which was composed of students from a primarily Caucasian student fellowship as well as students from an all-Asian fellowship. During my junior and senior year in college, I TA’ed a finance class called options pricing for two semesters. Options pricing was a difficult subject. I worked very hard to receive an A- for the course, which turned out to be my favor. I had insight to the intellectual hurdles other students had to overcome to master the material. So, teaching them came very naturally. In addition, I abandoned the lecture format for a very interactive teaching format. This allowed the students to ask many questions and allowed me to gage the level of comprehension from

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Chun X - Brentwood, MO 63144 (2.4 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $37.00/hr.

$ 37.00

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Sara W - St. Louis, MO 63131 (5.9 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $39.00/hr. Sara W - St. Louis, MO 63131 (5.9 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $39.00/hr.

I believe that one of the most important aspects of a successful teaching relationship is understanding both the student's personal learning style and what motivates him or her. I care deeply about the success of the students I work with and am able to adapt my teaching techniques to meet each student's personal needs. I strive to not only give my students greater knowledge, but greater confidence as well. I do that with the hope that our sessions not only help them to develop in our areas of interest, but also help them to become more successful students overall. After graduating from Duke University with a BS in Economics and a Minor in Psychology, I moved to New York City to work in a large financial institution. During my two years there I volunteered as a mentor and tutor to a 7th/8th grader, a college counselor to a high school senior, and a career mentor to a middle aged woman who

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Sara W - St. Louis, MO 63131 (5.9 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $39.00/hr.

$ 39.00

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Kalyan K - Saintlouis, MO 63146 (6.6 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $38.50/hr. Kalyan K - Saintlouis, MO 63146 (6.6 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $38.50/hr.

As a post graduate, I was very much driven to achieve a level of excellence in education. I have earned a bachelors degree, BE in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Information Systems, which has enabled me to gain an understanding in many areas of math and science. In addition, I have learned extensive grammatical skills due to writing research papers and laboratory reports, along with essays in many various areas of study. During the last 3 years i have tutored students in Mathematics, Computers and Sciences. I love teaching and working with all children. I believe all children can learn but each in different ways. I'm available to help you child find academic success. I'm patient, easy going, and considerate. My goal is to provide the best education possible. I'm a firm believer in teaching through discovery and in providing a constructivist approach to learning. I believe

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Kalyan K - Saintlouis, MO 63146 (6.6 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $38.50/hr.

$ 38.50

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Dawn J - Des Peres, MO 63122 (8.1 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $35.50/hr. Dawn J - Des Peres, MO 63122 (8.1 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $35.50/hr.

As a goal oriented person, I started out with an Associates in Business Administration, the B.S. in Accounting and finally an MBA. My strengths are motivating others, communicating diplomatically, financial analysis, and explaining accounting principles. I come from a long line of teachers, but preferred to get business experience before I finally started living my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher in 2001. My passion is teaching young adults the basic skills of life. I believe everyone should have both accounting and finance classes to learn to count, save and invest their money! I use the Socratic method of instruction to reach all types of students and to measure comprehension along the way. I love motivating students to jump over their own personal hurdles and celebrate success!

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Dawn J - Des Peres, MO 63122 (8.1 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $35.50/hr.

$ 35.50

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Linda B - Granite City, MO 62040 (13.9 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $38.00/hr. Linda B - Granite City, MO 62040 (13.9 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $38.00/hr.

I have a BS in Mathematics from SIU with minor in Education. I have 10 years engineering experience working on many different defense systems.I have completed a graduate class in Engineering with a 3.0 at SIU. I have taught little ones,however I can not wait to get into some real math with children and adults so we can unlock the majic mystery of Math! The Sky is the LIMIT!!! I have very much concern for each person who wants to learn math,engineering, and the sciences. I am a technical professional who enjoys explaining and unlocking the mysteries of math. The whole word can be experessed in mathematical terms. I love children and would demonstrate how far they can go in life. I have worked on serveral missile and stealth systems which I can incorporate in this experience with the studies. I have lived all over the country and have much genuine down to earth practical experi

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Linda B - Granite City, MO 62040 (13.9 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $38.00/hr.

$ 38.00

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Caleb K - Saint Peters, MO 63376 (19.5 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $34.00/hr. Caleb K - Saint Peters, MO 63376 (19.5 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $34.00/hr.

My first teaching experience was as a high school senior where I was given the opportunity to teach a small group of 5th graders as part of the Missouri A+ program. We began with division, quickly moving into linear and nonlinear algebra, before touching on the fundamentals of complex numbers, graph theory and trigonometry, before concluding with a derivation of the quadratic formula and its applications. I spent three semesters as the academic chair for my fraternity enforcing study hours for fraternity brothers with lower GPA’s; tutoring students in algebra, calculus, physics, and computer science, among other fields. I have also had five years of experience in Latin up to the college level with one year of Japanese. I believe that every student can meet his or her potential provided that the subject matter is presented in a way that makes sense to them and that any material can be

Also Tutors: GRE, GED, Actuarial Exams, ACT
Caleb K - Saint Peters, MO 63376 (19.5 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $34.00/hr.

$ 34.00

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Sharon R - Washington, MO 63090 (35.5 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $36.50/hr. Sharon R - Washington, MO 63090 (35.5 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $36.50/hr.

My own style I show a sincere interest in each student, I listen to their needs, aspirations, I tell them what I can do to assist them and I motivate the student to succeed at their own level of competency. My degree in psychology and sociology has been quite helpful through the years. I am a successful business woman who has taught for the last 15 years. What makes me successful as a teacher or tudor lies in the fact that I bring concrete proof to the student on what they need to learn. I motivate them to getting through on this study. Although students don't typically like math and accounting I tell them this is a means to an end. So to the parents, I choose to teach and tutor, this means I love motivating the student at all ages. I have taught math, economics, sociology, psychology, marketing, economics, social studies, geography, english, literature, music appreciation and english c

Also Tutors: GRE, GED, FCAT, Entrance Exams
Sharon R - Washington, MO 63090 (35.5 mi) - GMAT Tutor - $36.50/hr.

$ 36.50

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