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C++ Tutoring

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages and its application domains include systems software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high-performance server and client applications, and entertainment software such as video games. Questions? Select a tutor today. C++ is also used for hardware design, where the design is initially described in C++, then analyzed, architecturally constrained, and scheduled to create a register-transfer level hardware description language via high-level synthesis. Looking for help? Select a tutor now. C++ continues to be used and is one of the preferred programming languages to develop professional applications. Select a tutor today on your terms, on your schedule, to suit your needs and within budget.

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As of the 2000 census, in St. Louis there are 147,076 households, out of which 25.4 % have children under the age of 18 living with them. Need help? Select a tutor now. Students across the St. Louis area are talking about our services. If you need any type of tutoring, your first stop should be here. Our amazing St. Louis tutors can get you back on track quickly.

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Joshua P - Florissant, MO 63031 (10.8 mi) - C++ Tutor - $36.00/hr. Joshua P - Florissant, MO 63031 (10.8 mi) - C++ Tutor - $36.00/hr.

I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science, so with this degree, I was able to utilize my math skills. I was a tutor for 2 years at 2 different area colleges. I tutored college students anywhere from basic math up to Calculus. I also helped students prepare for academic testing that was required of their majors. I believe that with my background in regards to the classes I had to take for my degree and my experience with helping students, I believe I would be a great fit for helping a student in the math area. I think my teaching style is very open. I try to adapt to the person that I am helping. My main focus is to help the student. I am a very patient person and will take whatever time is needed to make sure the student fully understands the material. I think with my outgoing personality I am able to connect with the student on a personal level, which allows for more open

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Joshua P - Florissant, MO 63031 (10.8 mi) - C++ Tutor - $36.00/hr.

$ 36.00

average per hour



Tony S - Godfrey, MO 62035 (19.3 mi) - C++ Tutor - $38.00/hr. Tony S - Godfrey, MO 62035 (19.3 mi) - C++ Tutor - $38.00/hr.

I do not have a specific teaching style. Everyone is different, so one particular type of teaching style may not be as effective as another. In order to be effective, I think it is important to recognize the students strengths and weaknesses before embarking on a certain learning path. I have a Bachelor's degree in History and an Associate's in Process Technology. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society. I possess excellent math skills and took statistics in college. I enjoy helping others and feel I am a good fit for this position.

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Tony S - Godfrey, MO 62035 (19.3 mi) - C++ Tutor - $38.00/hr.

$ 38.00

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Caleb K - Saint Peters, MO 63376 (19.5 mi) - C++ Tutor - $34.00/hr. Caleb K - Saint Peters, MO 63376 (19.5 mi) - C++ Tutor - $34.00/hr.

My first teaching experience was as a high school senior where I was given the opportunity to teach a small group of 5th graders as part of the Missouri A+ program. We began with division, quickly moving into linear and nonlinear algebra, before touching on the fundamentals of complex numbers, graph theory and trigonometry, before concluding with a derivation of the quadratic formula and its applications. I spent three semesters as the academic chair for my fraternity enforcing study hours for fraternity brothers with lower GPA’s; tutoring students in algebra, calculus, physics, and computer science, among other fields. I have also had five years of experience in Latin up to the college level with one year of Japanese. I believe that every student can meet his or her potential provided that the subject matter is presented in a way that makes sense to them and that any material can be

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Caleb K - Saint Peters, MO 63376 (19.5 mi) - C++ Tutor - $34.00/hr.

$ 34.00

average per hour