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Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. Need a refresher? Select a tutor today. Python is very attractive for Rapid Application Development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together. Need help? Select a tutor today. Python is often compared to other interpreted languages such as Java, JavaScript, Perl, Tcl, or Smalltalk. Comparisons to C++, Common Lisp and Scheme can also be enlightening. Want to know more? Select a tutor today.

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Yancy D. - Python Tutor - $50.00/hr. Yancy D. - Python Tutor - $50.00/hr.

I attended the top school in the world for Engineering and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I have been tutoring for many years. I started tutoring as an undergraduate at MIT. I also have taught at the university level. I am sure that I can help your student improve his grades and fundamental knowledge for any subject that I tutor. Furthermore, I can help give your child the tools to more effectively learn on his own to help him succeed in college. I also can tutor many different subjects which will be very helpful continuity for your child. I am especially gifted as a math tutor because I can come at problems from many different perspectives. I can also look at your child's work to understand what types of mistakes that he/she is making to ensure that tutoring will have a long term impact on your child's academic endeavors. I have a flexible, adaptable style that

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, Microsoft PowerPoint, SQL, PHP, CSS, XML, VB.net, Javascript, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access
Yancy D. - Python Tutor - $50.00/hr.

$ 50.00

average per hour



Bharat C. - Python Tutor - $30.00/hr. Bharat C. - Python Tutor - $30.00/hr.

I provide training online by using web-conferencing. I use simple examples to teach concepts. I would be talking to the student during the whole session. I can be interrupted anytime to clear any confusion. You can ask the same question any number of times. The Java teaching would feel as good as home tutoring. Since I provide private lessons, I can adept to your speed and needs. This way, you can learn java programming at your pace, right from your home with out the travel, at the times you are free and at an affordable rate. To experience my tutoring contact me for a 1 hour free lesson. My name is Bharat Chhajer and am 38 years old. I have worked on-site on projects for J P Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Owens Corning and Ford. I have 11 years of experience in software industry, 9 years specializing in Java and 6 of which were in the United States. I began my career as a programmer and w

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, jquery, Perl, Objective C, MVC, CSS, Computer, Javascript, HTML, C++, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel
Bharat C. - Python Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

per hour

Jatin B. - Python Tutor - $12.50/hr. Jatin B. - Python Tutor - $12.50/hr.

Using any web meeting tool such as Skype, TeamViewer,Zoom meeting others available. I am a professional Online tutor and web and Apps developer, with more than 9 years experience building beautiful websites and apps. I primarily serve single student, other freelancers, and small businesses. I also subcontract for other web agencies and firms I am having 9+ Experience in both web and apps development and 1:1 online tutoring , I have developed a vast of web and Mobile applications as well as software integration projects around the world. As I IT Consultant and online tutoring I am currently working with a global software company having customers fortune 500 companies. Expertise -: 1. C++ Programming (Project work , assignment,game etc..) 2. C#, asp.net MVC, web api, Razor script 3. Kotlin with Android , Core Java With Android, Swing , AWT, Spring Boot, JSP, Servlet 4. Ms

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, jquery, linq, Objective C, MVC, CSS, Javascript, HTML, C++, ASP.NET, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access
Jatin B. - Python Tutor - $12.50/hr.

$ 12.50

average per hour



TWM K. - Python Tutor - $25.00/hr. TWM K. - Python Tutor - $25.00/hr.

since 2004 I have experience in many diffrent subjects as Algebra I I have experience teaching and tutoring algebra from grades 7-12 since 2010. Expert Algebra II I have experience in tutoring and teaching algebra 2 since 2010. Expert Algebra III dealt with since 1998 Expert Calculus I have tutored this with great results since 2004 Expert Calculus II have tutored with great results since 2004 Expert College Algebra I have taken college alegbra since 1998 for self, students by tutoring them. Expert Geometry I have tutor geometry since 2004. Expert Logic have tutored with great results since 2004 Expert Math grade 1 to college graduate level since 1998 Expert Pre-Algebra I took for first course in algebra back 1996 and haven't looked back since. Expert Pre-Calculus have tutored with great results since 2004 Expert Statistics I have dealt with different stats situations from GIS

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, CAD, jquery, CSS, Computer, Javascript, HTML, C++, Graphic Design, Microsoft Excel, Desktop Publishing, Microsoft Access
TWM K. - Python Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

average per hour



David M. - Python Tutor - $45.00/hr. David M. - Python Tutor - $45.00/hr.

I like to establish rapport with students and quickly gauge what the difficulties are. I don't just sit and wait for questions...I guide you through the process and make sure you know how to do everything yourself on exam day. Confidence is essential in organic. I am casual, well-informed, have heard and see it all, and will be a patient study partner and tireless advocate for you. I have a masters (MSCi) and a PhD in chemistry, paticularly organic chemistry. Don't worry, I will only teach you at the level you are assigned. My first Orgo prof drove us crazy teaching masters level material (I didn't know until I got to grad school!) My background makes it easy to make it easier for you. Make sense? Anyone can learn organic chemistry or the other subjects I've mastered quickly with a minimum of memorization. In fact, that's the only difference between and "A" and something foul. I've see

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, Microsoft PowerPoint, SQL, Objective C, Ruby, XML, Computer, HTML, Microsoft Office, Desktop Publishing, SketchUp
David M. - Python Tutor - $45.00/hr.

$ 45.00

average per hour



Jim N. - Python Tutor - $35.00/hr. Jim N. - Python Tutor - $35.00/hr.

Experienced Trainer Designed api using Python-based HTTP long polling service utilized interacting communication within various web environments. MCSE, A+, Network+, DBA, MCITP and Business/Economics Courses, Linux Systems Administration, Accounting and Finance/Computer courses, C/C++ and SPSS Statistical analysis, SDLC T-SQL, SPSS Statistics, .NET and API. Computer Basics (vocabulary, internet, email, keyboard, VMS Word, MS Excel. Teaching computer classes: Business administration courses, Accounting, Finance, Keyboarding, MS Outlook, Linux Systems Administrator, SQL, Online Job Search, ESOL Computers, implemented education technology in the classroom. Created lesson plans using educational technology. Maintained student records and data to track student progress and retention. Maintained and express enthusiasm and commitments to helping students learn. Supported the Specialist in outre

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, CAD, jquery, linq, CSS, Computer, Javascript, HTML, C++, ASP.NET, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing
Jim N. - Python Tutor - $35.00/hr.

$ 35.00

average per hour



Professor BAM (Long Island) M. - Python Tutor - $75.00/hr. Professor BAM (Long Island) M. - Python Tutor - $75.00/hr.

EXPERIENCE: 30+ years college teaching, plus private tutoring in academic subjects and "test-prep" techniques. Also taught and/or managed many employee-training programs. Developed curricula for training programs, civil-service exam preparation courses, etc. as well as for after-school science clubs and summer camps. My professional career was primarily in software development and management, at Brookhaven National Lab (BNL), Grumman, Robotic Vision, American Science, and other Long Island companies, and as a software consultant and website developer. I am also a professional writer, with thousands of pages published, and I currently host two weekly radio shows on a local radio station. Since my early retirement from BNL in 1999, I have increased my teaching and tutoring, as well as my professional writing and radio-broadcasting activities. APPROACH: I focus on understand

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, Linux, SQL, Perl, PHP, CSS, Computer, VB.net, Javascript, HTML, C++
Professor BAM (Long Island) M. - Python Tutor - $75.00/hr.

$ 75.00

average per hour



Alex M. - Python Tutor - $57.50/hr. Alex M. - Python Tutor - $57.50/hr.

I have 10+ years software engineering experience. I use to work as a tutor and a TA back in my undergraduate years, and enjoy helping students understand the material and most of all succeed in their classes. As a tutor I have taught benner and advanced programming topics and have helped countess students with achieving their scholatic goals. My main programming languages are C++, Python, Javascript and Java.

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, jquery, Linux, SQL, CSS, XML, Computer, Javascript, HTML, C++, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel
Alex M. - Python Tutor - $57.50/hr.

$ 57.50

average per hour



brahim b. - Python Tutor - $30.00/hr. brahim b. - Python Tutor - $30.00/hr.

I am a graduated student .I have been teachinng students via skype for 3 years.I am multi-skilled, reliable & talented. I am also A quick learner who can absorb new ideas & can communicate clearly & effectively with people from all social & professional backgrounds. Well mannered, articulate & fully aware of diversity & multicultural issues. Flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they arise & at the same time remaining aware of

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, CAD, jquery, linq, CSS, Computer, Javascript, HTML, C++, ASP.NET, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing
brahim b. - Python Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

average per hour



H G. - Python Tutor - $30.00/hr. H G. - Python Tutor - $30.00/hr.

I tutored students ranging from grade three to college freshmen in mathematics. I also occasionally tutor in subjects such as chemistry, physics and foreign languages. I teach studying methods and concepts/ideas to enable the students to move forward and master material rather than just teach by examples.

Also Tutors: CAD, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel
H G. - Python Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

average per hour



Thiago T. - Python Tutor - $40.00/hr. Thiago T. - Python Tutor - $40.00/hr.

I focus on personal difficulties, identifying the need and working on it. I am a student of Mathematics and Neuroscience from Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil, working on a research project in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. I have more than 5 years with Math tutoring and work everyday with programming and data analysis. My native language is Portuguese but I also speak English and French.

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, Linux
Thiago T. - Python Tutor - $40.00/hr.

$ 40.00

average per hour



alan c. - Python Tutor - $25.00/hr. alan c. - Python Tutor - $25.00/hr.

I have excellent communication skills and I have taken the coursework to be a Social Studies Teacher from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. I believe that presenting material that fits one's learning style is a key to success in difficult subjects. Patience and flexibility are 2 attributes I possess and I believe is must in teaching subjects to people who's learning style do not work well with the established regimen. Everyone thinks and processes information in an individual style and I believe in trying to find that style. I am a 56 year old retiree from United Parcel Service, so I come with a maturity and perspective that is unique among educators. I love people and helping them succeed at whatever they attempt in life. After all we are all in this together. Adaptive to the individual learning style.

Also Tutors: jquery, SQL, PHP, CSS, Computer, Javascript, HTML, Microsoft Office, Graphic Design, Microsoft Excel, Desktop Publishing, Microsoft Access
alan c. - Python Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

average per hour



Slimani I. - Python Tutor - $15.00/hr. Slimani I. - Python Tutor - $15.00/hr.

I've master degree in computer science ,I'm very good in maths too ,I'm also native arabic speaker and very good in french too "took all my university courses in French" ,I've 4 years experience tutoring "maths ,computer science ,Arabic ,French" ,just give me a chance ,you'll like learning with me. My previous students always call me and thank me ,I started my tutoring journey giving free courses ,now I'm offering cheap but proffessional courses.

Also Tutors: Javascript, HTML, C++, Microsoft Office, Graphic Design, Microsoft Excel, Desktop Publishing, Microsoft Access
Slimani I. - Python Tutor - $15.00/hr.

$ 15.00

average per hour



Celica C. - Python Tutor - $37.50/hr. Celica C. - Python Tutor - $37.50/hr.

I am a recent Computer Science graduate from Virginia State University who wants to teach while I look for a full-time job. I used to volunteer in a summer reading camp sponsored by a church in Petersburg, VA for elementary students before I graduated. I used to tutor some classmates in programming. I prefer teaching students using hands-on activities. I think it's easier for students to learn the topic when they are interested in it; doing an activity is a more fun way to learn instead of just reading about it.

Also Tutors: Computer Programming, Microsoft PowerPoint, PHP, Computer, Javascript, HTML, C++, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel
Celica C. - Python Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

average per hour



Stanford Statistics PhD '. - Python Tutor - $60.00/hr. Stanford Statistics PhD '. - Python Tutor - $60.00/hr.

I help with projects, exams, homeworks, presentations, experimental design, dissertation defense, systems development and general understanding of the material. Typically, I meet in Manhattan or consult via S k y p e (allows videoconferencing & screen sharing), e-mail and phone if the clients are far from New York. In addition to that, I do complete projects for my clients, which may or may not require a meeting. Please visit my tutoring web-site ... www.stanfordphd.com I tutor in Applied Statistics, Theoretical Statistics, Biostatistics, Probability, Econometrics, Quantitative Finance, MBA-level Finance, Actuarial Science and Optimization. I have taught more than 10 undergraduate, master's level and PhD level courses at Stanford over a period of 5 years. Have consulted researchers in the fields of Medicine, Biology, Finance, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, Education and Engin

Also Tutors: Statistics SPSS, Computer Programming, Microsoft Excel
Stanford Statistics PhD '. - Python Tutor - $60.00/hr.

$ 60.00

per hour