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Studying Law or just interested? Immigration, personal injury, family or environmental your primary concern? Select a tutor today. In a typical democracy, the central institutions for interpreting and creating law are the three main branches of government, namely an impartial judiciary, a democratic legislature, and an accountable executive. Theory varied from practice? Acts, codes, regulations, rules or statutes confusing you? Select a tutor now. Law exams coming up and not quite ready? Select a tutor today.

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As the 5th largest city in the United States, we are prepared to provide the most professional tutoring services available to Phoenix’s residents and students. Select a tutor Today. We have tutors all over the Phoenix area including Santa Teresa, Anthony, Chamberino, La Mesa, and Mesilla Park. Don't let poor grades get in the way of your future plans - get the help you need with one of our Phoenix tutors today.

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Lori G. - Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (7.9 mi) - $27.5/hr.

Lori G. - Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (7.9 mi) - $27.5/hr.

I have taught various social studies/law/business classes throughout the years. Most recently, I tutored in high school level government and history. I have taught in a classroom, for small groups, and for individuals. I also have expertise in sustainability matters - from renewable energy and energy efficiency to construction, including green building. Very personable.

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Lori G. - Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (7.9 mi) - $27.5/hr.


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Elisa U - Saint Cloud, MN 56301 (2.7 mi) - Law Tutor - $37.50/hr. Elisa U - Saint Cloud, MN 56301 (2.7 mi) - Law Tutor - $37.50/hr.

I am a firm believer that children are eager to learn when they are challenged and encouraged to reach beyond their own expectations. Children need to be encouraged and given positive re-enforcement when they succeed as well as when they are having difficulty. I have several years of teaching for church groups. In addition I have served as a substitute teacher at a private Catholic High School. In addition, as a research assistant in graduate school I have had to edit numerous scholarly articles.

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Elisa U - Saint Cloud, MN 56301 (2.7 mi) - Law Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

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Eric S - Phoenix, AZ 85016 (3 mi) - Law Tutor - $36.50/hr. Eric S - Phoenix, AZ 85016 (3 mi) - Law Tutor - $36.50/hr.

I find enthusiasm and interest in the subject taught is very important. If I can convey the interest and fun that I get from working problems and show it through my teaching, students who fear or hate math or any subject tend to rethink their position from a disabled frame of mind to one that exudes confidence in their approach. I have a strong interest in mathematics in the areas of algebra, geometry, and statistics. I have completed 9 credits of statistics and 6 credits of algebra. I can also tutor in business and psychology. I have been working with in academia for the past 3 years and am working towards becoming an adjunct-faculty at the local college.

Also Tutors: Public Relations, Marketing, Economics, Communications, Advertising
Eric S - Phoenix, AZ 85016 (3 mi) - Law Tutor - $36.50/hr.

$ 36.50

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Claudia R - Laveen, AZ 85339 (5.5 mi) - Law Tutor - $35.50/hr. Claudia R - Laveen, AZ 85339 (5.5 mi) - Law Tutor - $35.50/hr.

I am very passionate at everything I do and that includes teaching. I love to share what I know to others and my patient, good hearted nature makes students feel at ease. I am a great listener who offers a fun and interactive environment. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and it is our responsibility as adults to see that these children fluorish and make a positive impact one day! I have a BS degree in Biological and Physical Sciences and over 10 years experience in the medical field under my belt. I am also fluent in Spanish and with the combination of my education along with being bilingual, I have successfully tutored close friends and family in the sciences, psychology, English and Spanish. With the extensive amount of research papers and essays I wrote in school, I consider my grammatical skills to be very strong. In my spare time I love to read and write poetr

Also Tutors: Finance, Economics, Communications
Claudia R - Laveen, AZ 85339 (5.5 mi) - Law Tutor - $35.50/hr.

$ 35.50

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Jane E - Phoenix, AZ 85032 (11.8 mi) - Law Tutor - $33.50/hr. Jane E - Phoenix, AZ 85032 (11.8 mi) - Law Tutor - $33.50/hr.

Every child has his/her own unique style of learning. Some children are visual learners while others are auditory learners. My job is to identify each child's best learning method in order to maximize their success. I am patient, structured, and am an encourager. I believe all children can learn. I have high expectations, while at the same time never demand more than a child can give. My job is to foster a love of learning and reading, never to frustrate a child. I love all levels of education, especially the upper elementary grades through high school. I graduated from an Ivy-League school with honors. I earned a masters in social work from the University of Chicago, with an interdisciplinary emphasis in economics, public policy, social work, and law. I have a J.D. from the George Washington University Law School. I have practiced law as well as taught and tutored junior high an

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Jane E - Phoenix, AZ 85032 (11.8 mi) - Law Tutor - $33.50/hr.

$ 33.50

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Josh E - Gilbert, AZ 85233 (13.2 mi) - Law Tutor - $42.00/hr. Josh E - Gilbert, AZ 85233 (13.2 mi) - Law Tutor - $42.00/hr.

I find that teaching works best if you tailor the material to your audience - i.e. you don't want to lose them OR bore them. Use what they know as a foundation to build on to teach new concepts. If material is difficult or unfamiliar to your class it's important to be prepared in advance with several approaches to get the material across. Review material periodically to reinforce confidence in the students and always make sure they have a firm grasp on material before moving on. I'm a certified Air Force Instructor with two years of experience as a Unit Training Manager. I have 3 years of experience teaching adults how to build computers and install/configure operating systems and applications.

Also Tutors: Finance, Accounting
Josh E - Gilbert, AZ 85233 (13.2 mi) - Law Tutor - $42.00/hr.

$ 42.00

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Meredith M - Chandler, AZ 85249 (18.2 mi) - Law Tutor - $37.00/hr. Meredith M - Chandler, AZ 85249 (18.2 mi) - Law Tutor - $37.00/hr.

"We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself." (Lloyd Alexander, 1924) I like this quote because I believe that every student has the skills to learn any subject through practice and hard work. Every student learns differently and I will help your student reach their full academic potential by catering to their specific learning needs and styles. I will be a support system for your learner to help them with all of their academic needs. Ambition and motivation are two strengths I want my learners to develop and they will accomplish this by actively participating in their own learning. ~Strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. As an Arizona State graduate, I have developed a strong ethic in leadership, independence, mastery, superior work habits, proficiency in my field, and would like to bring all of these q

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Meredith M - Chandler, AZ 85249 (18.2 mi) - Law Tutor - $37.00/hr.

$ 37.00

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Christa H - Chandler, AZ 85249 (20.5 mi) - Law Tutor - $41.50/hr. Christa H - Chandler, AZ 85249 (20.5 mi) - Law Tutor - $41.50/hr.

As part of my lifelong love of learning and teaching, I began tutoring when I was just fourteen years old. While in high school, I usually tutored math (mostly algebra, geometry, and trigonometry) and general science. Once I moved to college, I began to work with middle school as well as high school students again in mostly math and science. However, I have a BA in politics and history; therefore I am extremely confident in many liberal arts subjects. I have also earned an MBA which helped to hone my grammatical and communication skills. I am currently an on-call teacher for two local school districts. I teach all levels, all subjects. I love to teach. I have experience with 5-50 years old and, if pressed, could not name a favorite group. I believe that everyone can learn; some of us just process information in different ways. As a tutor it is my job to discover how a student processes

Also Tutors: Public Relations, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Communications
Christa H - Chandler, AZ 85249 (20.5 mi) - Law Tutor - $41.50/hr.

$ 41.50

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David J - Apache Junction, AZ 85220 (24.4 mi) - Law Tutor - $41.50/hr. David J - Apache Junction, AZ 85220 (24.4 mi) - Law Tutor - $41.50/hr.

My teaching experience began at a Riverside County Probation Facility for Wards of the court in Banning California. I began there as a Building Maintainance Mechanic and worked my way up to a vocational education teacher. After that I worked at St. Johns School for boys in Cabazon California. While I lived in California I also worked at a Christian High School called Joshua Springs High School where I began teaching a free small wood Shop class and worked my way up to a regular teacher. In all these cases I taught multi-aged multi subjecr classes. When I moved to Arizona I worked for several years at Legacy School in Mesa. There I also taught multi-aged multi-subject classes. My method is to reach students exactly where there at and use methods that would stimulate all types of learners . Once I was teaching a group of sixth graders who would be entering Algebra soon. I gave them a true

Also Tutors: Public Relations, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Communications, Advertising, Accounting
David J - Apache Junction, AZ 85220 (24.4 mi) - Law Tutor - $41.50/hr.

$ 41.50

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