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Google's 3D Warehouse enables SketchUp users to search for, download and contribute free models. Looking for help? Select a tutor today. SketchUp 4 and later support software extensions known as "Rubies" which are written in Ruby programming language and augment the capabilities of SketchUp. Need help? Select a tutor now. Experts are waiting to help. Select your SketchUp tutor today.

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Known as the "Entertainment Capital of the World", Los Angeles is home to over 3.8 million people. Choose your tutor Today. Our Los Angeles tutors serve all areas of LA - including West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Inglewood, South Pasedena, and Studio City. Our reputation as a premium source of private tutors in Los Angeles is evident in the multitude of testimonials and referrals we have received from parents, students, and schools throughout the LA area.

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Jeffrey B. - Glendale, CA 91204 (5.2 mi) - $45/hr.

Jeffrey B. - Glendale, CA 91204 (5.2 mi) - $45/hr.

This is one of my top subjects! SketchUp is one of my top subjects!Founder of SketchUpLA.com. Visit now to see examples of my work with previous students. SketchUp is a very fun and accessible way to get into 3D modeling and design. No prior experience needed! Whether you want to learn SketchUp to help with a hobby project, or need to master it for a requirement in school, I specialize in getting people up and running (regardless of their computer savviness). I am an experienced and patient teacher, as well as an avid learner myself. I understand the need for personalized approaches and will work very carefully to guide your journey into 3D design. Please reach out and tell me what your goals are!

I am a patient and supportive teacher, as well as an avid learner myself. I enjoy working with students who have little to no experience, and particularly those who are less computer savvy. Just like the technologies I design are always tailored to support and empower their users, I will ensure that our sessions are perfectly geared towards your success. I am a Dutch native and have lived in the US since 2010, when I moved to Boston to pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering. I have been teaching and working as a SketchUp freelancer since 2016, and have worked with students on Architectural Modeling, Interior Design, Set Design, as well as 3D printing for consumer products. Te read more about me and see a portfolio of my work with students, please visit www.SketchUpLA.com

Jeffrey B. - Glendale, CA 91204 (5.2 mi) - $45/hr.


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Iulian M. - Los Angeles, CA 90001 (5.1 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $17.50/hr. Iulian M. - Los Angeles, CA 90001 (5.1 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $17.50/hr.

I use a very interactive teaching style based on the student's needs, I am very flexible and usually use a wide range of techniques for getting the best results. I have an experience of about 6 years in using Sketchup and other CAD softwear. I am mainly specialized in using CAD for architectural design, but I also used if for product design as also. I am very familiarized with the extensions that Sketchup uses. I published several paper which concern the use of CAD technology for preserving architectural heritage.

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Iulian M. - Los Angeles, CA 90001 (5.1 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $17.50/hr.

$ 17.50

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Brian R. - North Hollywood, CA 91602 (7.5 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $25.00/hr. Brian R. - North Hollywood, CA 91602 (7.5 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $25.00/hr.

During my time at the USC School of Architecture, I have learned how to use several design tools. I have delighted in helping others in years below with their questions and see teaching as a potential branch in my future career. I have a year of experience in tutoring in AutoCAD and Rhino, which happened during my final year at USC. I have a very casual teaching style. I prefer relaxed environments such as coffee shops, libraries but I always prefer teaching in my own home. The student should feel like I am there to facilitate their learning process by creating a comfortable interaction.

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Brian R. - North Hollywood, CA 91602 (7.5 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

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Patrica N. - Encino, CA 91335 (15.4 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $27.50/hr. Patrica N. - Encino, CA 91335 (15.4 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $27.50/hr.

Introductory $15 per hour. I provide individual, in-home assistance to those who find computers frustrating, confusing, and generally unfriendly. Whether your needs are simple or complex, I guarantee that you will learn useful new ways to make the time you spend with your computer more enjoyable, efficient, and productive. I can help you: · Find anything on your computer · Overcome the concern that you may accidentally delete something · Write a memo and create simple documents · Organize your work so that you can locate it quickly and easily · Solve the mysteries of mouse clicks (left and right) · Save and back up your work · Communicate via email · Shop online · Use amazingly easy shortcuts to save you time · Use your built-in calculator and address book · Create a handy spreadsheet · And much, muc

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Patrica N. - Encino, CA 91335 (15.4 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $27.50/hr.

$ 27.50

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Lori B. - Oak Park, CA 91377 (24.7 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $40.00/hr. Lori B. - Oak Park, CA 91377 (24.7 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $40.00/hr.

I have over 10 years experience producing architectural drawings for interior design firms using sketchup. I have many product models in the 3D warehouse. I am not certified, but I am comfortable using program and can help beginners with hurdles of learning, and grow using this tool. www.explore3Ddesign.com

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Lori B. - Oak Park, CA 91377 (24.7 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $40.00/hr.

$ 40.00

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Gianna G. - Montclair, CA 91763 (27.3 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $22.50/hr. Gianna G. - Montclair, CA 91763 (27.3 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $22.50/hr.

I finished my masteral degree on special education and education units from De La Salle University, Manila and have been teaching for the past eight years at Xavier School Greenhills. Four years in preparatory school then/and currently with the English Department teaching fifth graders. As a teacher I am committed to the development of effective ways to teach reading and writing to children with or without special needs. For the past three school years I have been asked to train grade school teachers on the Zaner-Bloser penmanship style. Outside school, I had conducted research and created an individualized penmanship program for students with ADHD. I was also a breakout speaker for Frontiers and Innovations in Teaching in 2014 where I discussed about exploring sites and various applications to empower students in Digital Storytelling. The next year, 2015, I was also invited to be a s

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Gianna G. - Montclair, CA 91763 (27.3 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $22.50/hr.

$ 22.50

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Roger F. - Dana Point, CA 92629 (44 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $35.00/hr. Roger F. - Dana Point, CA 92629 (44 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $35.00/hr.

Currenntly I am a 3D Modeling/Prototyping Consultant with the leading manufacturer of additive manufacting hardware. 5 years experience I specialize in product design using Solidworks, 3D CAD Software. I am an expert in the use of the ProJet Line of 3D modeling systems. I have a strong basic knowledge of STL file fixing software and a working knowledge of various prototype model building techniques for industry. I also understand many manufacturing processes and their procedure requirements. I regularly consult with and train industry leading companies employees for Honda, Addidas, Nokia, John Deere, and Medtronics to name a few on how to better build their prototype models for their unique product applications. I am comfortable teaching one student or a class. I am happy to work as a consultant or a contractor on creating any geometric shape required,

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Roger F. - Dana Point, CA 92629 (44 mi) - SketchUp Tutor - $35.00/hr.

$ 35.00

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