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Studying Law or just interested? International, labor, civil rights or admiralty your primary concern? Select a tutor today. In a typical democracy, the central institutions for interpreting and creating law are the three main branches of government, namely an impartial judiciary, a democratic legislature, and an accountable executive. Theory varied from practice? Acts, codes, regulations, rules or statutes confusing you? Select a tutor now. Confused with Code and Statute, Precedent, or Regulations? Select a tutor today.

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Daniel S. - Law Tutor - $56.00/hr. Daniel S. - Law Tutor - $56.00/hr.

Member of the Florida Bar (2006-present); Member of Florida Law Review; Juris Doctor from the University of Florida (2006); Have represented hundreds of clients in state and federal court. I have over 2000 hours of tutoring experience, including the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT and other selected subjects. Most of my experience has come through this site or the Wyzant site. My first teaching experience was with the Department of Juvenile Justice when I was fresh out of college. It was, believe it or not, a lot of fun! When I went on to Law School I was fortunate enough to be selected as a Teaching Assistant for Legal Research & Writing and Appellate Advocacy. I also tutored first year law students as a member of the Florida Law Review. Recently, I spent a quarter teaching bankruptcy law to paralegal students in Madison, WI, and had a great time doing so. My students seemed to enjoy

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Daniel S. - Law Tutor - $56.00/hr.

$ 56.00

average per hour



Richard F. - Law Tutor - $22.00/hr. Richard F. - Law Tutor - $22.00/hr.

Have tutored for five years with Wyzant, Tutoring Center of Herndon and on my own. My main concern is too make sure student is confortable in his/her understanding the subject material. The money part of the education of young people is really not a priority per se unless the individual student gets an understanding and hopefully confidence in taking on the subject at hand I tutor mainly in Math (Algebra, Geometry and Trig, but also Accounting,social studies, Finance, English , Reading Comp, Vocabulary Laid back but serious as student learning subject matter is the most important factor in yuoring.

Also Tutors: Finance, Accounting
Richard F. - Law Tutor - $22.00/hr.

$ 22.00

average per hour



Elaine D. - Law Tutor - $25.00/hr. Elaine D. - Law Tutor - $25.00/hr.

I tailor my teaching style to individual needs. I like to use Powerpoints, interactive quizzes, and online resources such as quiz flash cards to enhance my tutoring, and if I notice an area of weakness I will find exercises to address the problem. I can also help with study skills. I love teaching and learning! I have degrees in English and law, and have over ten years' experience teaching and tutoring in many subjects. I enjoy teaching students at all levels, from struggling learners to second language learners to doctoral candidates. My forte is research and writing, and I am familiar with APA, MLA, and Bluebook format. I can take a good paper and make it great! I work as a teacher and tutor at Lynn University's Writing Center.

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Elaine D. - Law Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

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Ace My Course Tutoring P. - Law Tutor - $55.00/hr. Ace My Course Tutoring P. - Law Tutor - $55.00/hr.

We are professional tutors who specialize in business studies. This includes business law. We have tutors with MBAs that also know the legal aspect of running a business and tutor Business law. Our teachers provide one on one and group tutoring. In order to provide the best possible teaching style, we offer affordable assessments at the first session of tutoring. These assessments will tell our teachers, the child's learning style, areas of weakness, and any special needs struggles if any at all. Through these first day assessments, our teacher are able to provide a personalize texas state curriculum based teaching building one lesson on the other. By the second day, within reasonable time between, our teachers will have lesson plans and teaching methods planned and be able to discuss the progress with parents. We also request parents' to provide an email address for them to keep up wit

Also Tutors: Business, Resume Writing, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Communications, Accounting
Ace My Course Tutoring P. - Law Tutor - $55.00/hr.

$ 55.00

average per hour



Suzanne K. - Law Tutor - $55.00/hr. Suzanne K. - Law Tutor - $55.00/hr.

I have over 5 years of test prep experience for the ISEE/SSAT. I am proficient in helping students on the ACT and SAT verbal categories. I am also experienced in the area of early elementary enrichment. I help students in grades K through 2 advance in the areas of language arts and mathematics. I can also help students with high school applications, prepare for private school interviews, public speaking and students with special needs. I can accommodate my test prep course for students who are on IEPs. Very creative. I like to use essays and visuals to help my students learn their vocabulary terms

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Suzanne K. - Law Tutor - $55.00/hr.

$ 55.00

average per hour



Jim N. - Law Tutor - $35.00/hr. Jim N. - Law Tutor - $35.00/hr.

Experienced Trainer Designed api using Python-based HTTP long polling service utilized interacting communication within various web environments. MCSE, A+, Network+, DBA, MCITP and Business/Economics Courses, Linux Systems Administration, Accounting and Finance/Computer courses, C/C++ and SPSS Statistical analysis, SDLC T-SQL, SPSS Statistics, .NET and API. Computer Basics (vocabulary, internet, email, keyboard, VMS Word, MS Excel. Teaching computer classes: Business administration courses, Accounting, Finance, Keyboarding, MS Outlook, Linux Systems Administrator, SQL, Online Job Search, ESOL Computers, implemented education technology in the classroom. Created lesson plans using educational technology. Maintained student records and data to track student progress and retention. Maintained and express enthusiasm and commitments to helping students learn. Supported the Specialist in outre

Also Tutors: Business, Speaking, Resume Writing, Public Relations, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Communications, Advertising, Accounting
Jim N. - Law Tutor - $35.00/hr.

$ 35.00

average per hour



David D. - Law Tutor - $67.50/hr. David D. - Law Tutor - $67.50/hr.

CPA (PWC - Big Four) / MBA (NYU - in Finance) with 25 + years of accounting, finance, corporate finance, capital raising,investment banking and mergers and acquisitions experience. My skill sets enable me to leverage my academic and career experiences for my students that allows them to bridge and combine their academic course work with higher education and the business world. I am also an Adjunct Faculty member at both Sacred Heart University's - John F. Welch College and the University of Bridgeport's - Trefz School of Business, where I teach accounting and finance courses at both the undergraduate and MBA degree levels. I also tutor for several professional and licensing exams including: the CPA exam, Praxis levels I and II, and multiple FINRA securities licenses including: Series 3, 6, 7, 24, 62, 63, 65, 66, 79, and 82 exams. Engaging, motivating, persistent, and "hands on" to b

Also Tutors: Business, Speaking, Resume Writing, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Communications, Accounting
David D. - Law Tutor - $67.50/hr.

$ 67.50

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Shana G. - Law Tutor - $82.00/hr. Shana G. - Law Tutor - $82.00/hr.

I am a certified 7-12 English teacher and Georgetown University law lecturer with 12 years of experience teaching English and writing. I specialize in working with repeat test takers and students with anxiety and focus/attention problems. I provide in-depth language analysis, critical reading test taking strategy, and pacing/advanced comprehension techniques. I'm Shana! I am a Duke University and University of Maryland School of Law graduate and the Founder and President of Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring, LLC (GinsburgAdvancedTutoring.com). I have over 17 years' experience tutoring all standardized tests. I am a certified, award-winning high school English teacher, school law attorney, and college professor with a passion for motivating high school and college graduates to pursue higher degrees. What our students say: "The first time I took the LSAT I self studied and the second tim

Also Tutors: Resume Writing
Shana G. - Law Tutor - $82.00/hr.

$ 82.00

average per hour



Sheila C. - Law Tutor - $27.50/hr. Sheila C. - Law Tutor - $27.50/hr.

My teaching style is casual - I am not stuffy or formal, and I try to get right to the heart of what is holding a student back, or what the difficulty is that he or she is having. I establish rapport and then dig into the meat and potatoes of the problems. This way, we tackle the problem together and a solution can be found. I have lots and lots of experience with reading and writing to share! I have 30 + years of experience with composition - legal writing, high school and college composition, MLA and APA formatting, legal citations, and the elements of creative writing. I recently received an M.Ed. and Literacy Certificate from my alma mater, Regis University, and I am eager to share all of the knowledge and experience I have gained with your students. When I tutor students, I make sure they come away with better reading and writing skills and hopefully are more excited about learn

Also Tutors: Communications
Sheila C. - Law Tutor - $27.50/hr.

$ 27.50

average per hour



Paul D. - Law Tutor - $87.50/hr. Paul D. - Law Tutor - $87.50/hr.

Worldwide Motivational Speaker, Wellness Trainer, Life Coach and College & Career Counselor who has traveled to 76 countries and lived overseas extensively serving international students. Teacher of ESOL, English, Social Studies, Writing/Composition, and Health (Florida and Arizona Departments of Education Certified) with 7 years experience in the classroom and 20+ years speaking for the U.S. Military, Companies, Cruise Lines, Schools, Colleges and Universities. Inspirational, Motivational, Educational, Interactive, Inquisitive, Engaging, and Facilitative

Also Tutors: Business, Speaking, Resume Writing, Public Relations, Marketing, Economics, Communications, Advertising
Paul D. - Law Tutor - $87.50/hr.

$ 87.50

average per hour



Calina P. - Law Tutor - $32.50/hr. Calina P. - Law Tutor - $32.50/hr.

I just graduated with a JD from an ABA accredited law school. Through my three years there I learned constitutional law, international law, criminal law, business law, contracts and many other specific areas. Last year I tutored a friend that took a business law course at Kennesaw State. I really enjoy law and enjoy teaching others law as well. I like to formulate individual teaching styles based on my students. Not everyone learns the same and therefore I do not teach the same to each student. Sometimes students require my constant attention and encouragement. Other times taking a step back and explaining everything in depth and watching the student work is the best approach. No two students are alike therefore my teaching style is different for each student. I have just finished law school. I grew up in Brazil as well as the United States which allowed me to become fluent in Portuguese

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Calina P. - Law Tutor - $32.50/hr.

$ 32.50

average per hour



Jonathon E. - Law Tutor - $35.00/hr. Jonathon E. - Law Tutor - $35.00/hr.

I like to use the Socratic method, mainly by asking questions and challenging assumptions. In addition, I like to engage those I teach, challenging them to think about what they previously have not considered. I believe in building on successes, and offering constructive criticism, where appropriate. I have mentored various people since 2000, in all types of subjects, including math, science, social sciences, English, writing, literature, and other related subjects. My academic record is very strong, and I believe empowering those I work with every single time. The only pre-requisites are that you have to be willing to learn, and learn how to learn.

Also Tutors: Speaking, Resume Writing, Public Relations, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Communications, Advertising
Jonathon E. - Law Tutor - $35.00/hr.

$ 35.00

average per hour



Patrick H. - Law Tutor - $37.50/hr. Patrick H. - Law Tutor - $37.50/hr.

My Master's degree studies were in business law and after getting into business proved fruitful. My law experiences then came from my practical application of them. It is a wide variety of areas including, but not limited to, Corporate law, LLC law, Trust law, Liability law, and Contract law. Let's put it this way I edit the buy/sell agreements done by my lawyers. I try to assess the skill level of the person or persons I am teaching first. Once that is done, I proceed at a pace I feel is appropriate. If I find it too fast I try to find out from the person(s) what is unclear to address that. If that means slowing down more I will. I do want questions if something is unclear. I have wide and varied experience across many industries. I know the nuts and bolts of accounting and finance from the basic level to the very advanced level. I have strong computer skills and have used many types of

Also Tutors: Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting
Patrick H. - Law Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

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dorsa p. - Law Tutor - $125.00/hr. dorsa p. - Law Tutor - $125.00/hr.

I am a California state licensed attorney. I have written many speeches for high profile speakers. Currently, I'm working on a book and have written many articles. My 3 children take up most of my time, so I'm not practicing law right now. I'm doing lots of tutoring for my children and their friends, especially, for writing papers and essays. My approach is very analytical and organized. Organization is the key to success in any subject.

Also Tutors: Speaking
dorsa p. - Law Tutor - $125.00/hr.

$ 125.00

average per hour



Carl W. - Law Tutor - $22.50/hr. Carl W. - Law Tutor - $22.50/hr.

I have received numerous awards for excellency in all standardized testing. Post- secondary education to include 1 year at Kansas State University and 3 years at Kansas City Kansas Community College. I recieved an Associates in Applied Science for Criminal justice at KCKCC. While studying at Kansas state, I was enrolled in the Chemistry major, completing Chemistry and Calculus 1 and 2. I have also recieved many gold medal competition awards in Individual as well as group singing competition. I have a specialty in Public Speaking and Historiy (as relates to Law and American History post- civil war). If you have any questions about me or what I can help with, don't hesItate to contact me.

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Carl W. - Law Tutor - $22.50/hr.

$ 22.50

average per hour