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In Sculpting, Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining clay, textiles, plastics, polymers and softer metals. Looking for help? Select a tutor today. When considering Sculpting, some common forms of sculpture are sound sculpture, light sculpture, jewellery or jewelry, sunken-relief, alto-relievo or bas-relief. Where do you need help? Select a tutor now. Experts are waiting to help. Select your Sculpting tutor today.

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Going to see the Hoover Dam or Lake Mead? Want to learn more? Select a tutor today. Las Vegas is both a growing retirement and family city. It is the 28th most populous city in the United States with an estimated population by the U.S. Census Bureau of 583,756 as of 2010. Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as Hawaii's Ninth Island!

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harj s. - Henderson, NV 89044 (11.3 mi) - $37.5/hr.

harj s. - Henderson, NV 89044 (11.3 mi) - $37.5/hr.

during my time in england i have lead numerous projects and given talks in many universities about design. i have also had the pleasure of first hand teaching in which i have been brought into a design class to create an unique design problem. i guide and teach the students throughout the project on how to achieve the best results for them.

Also Tutors: Creative Arts, Painting, Drawing

harj s. - Henderson, NV 89044 (11.3 mi) - $37.5/hr.


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Salma M. - Las Vegas, NV 89104 (4.8 mi) - Sculpting Tutor - $30.00/hr. Salma M. - Las Vegas, NV 89104 (4.8 mi) - Sculpting Tutor - $30.00/hr.

Art consultant - Being a consultant for every art design at the school and the city. - Awareness the small city of the importance of the art and building the artistic personality especially among the children. - Culture exchange by implying them through workshops (performances - decoration). Exhibitions - “Keep it real” Cairo, Egypt 2015. - “Ask the Flask”Athena, Greece, 2014. - Youth Salon 21, Palace of the Arts, Cairo, 2013. -5th Cairo Video Festival, Medrar,Cairo, 2013. -Screening of (The Same Place - Government colors- I could create myself from orange and blue- did you feel it! ), Video Summer Camp Labofiction, Marseille- Aix en Provence, France, 2013. The videos: https://vimeo.com/album/1720204 -Screening of (Waves – Clarity - My red wife), Cultural exchange between France and Alexandria University Faculty of Fine Art, Alexandria, 2013. -Government P

Also Tutors: Creative Arts, Painting, Drawing
Salma M. - Las Vegas, NV 89104 (4.8 mi) - Sculpting Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

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Cathy B - Las Vegas, NV 89183 (6.8 mi) - Sculpting Tutor - $35.50/hr. Cathy B - Las Vegas, NV 89183 (6.8 mi) - Sculpting Tutor - $35.50/hr.

I double majored in Studio Art and Art History and graduated Cum Laude. While in School I also worked as Program Assistant for a College program that helped adults return to school while working. I mentored as well as counseled these student and sometimes tutored students in most subjects. I believe that education is a large part of personal growth, expanding the mind bring the student to another level of maturity, whether in an k-12 environment or adult education. As a Teacher I would try to plan my lessons and educational activities with a clear view to enable the students to succeed. I would provide my students with lots of opportunities to demonstrate and reflect upon their knowledge I often ask students to develop practical applications for self- evaluation. The goal of evaluation is often to enable the student to appraise their own learning abilities and learn to work indepe

Also Tutors: Painting, Drawing
Cathy B - Las Vegas, NV 89183 (6.8 mi) - Sculpting Tutor - $35.50/hr.

$ 35.50

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Jessica S - Henderson, NV 89052 (9.8 mi) - Sculpting Tutor - $41.00/hr. Jessica S - Henderson, NV 89052 (9.8 mi) - Sculpting Tutor - $41.00/hr.

As a graduate from the University of the Pacific, I was able to attain the honor of Magnum Cum Laude while pursuing my BA in Psychology. The extensive research required in my field has allowed me to achieve a high level of writing skills, analytical skills, and math skills. For the past four years I have more specifically enjoyed being able to tutor students with mathematical difficulties, although I have also tutored in grammar, writing, and Spanish. Over the years I have been able to work with all ages ranging from preschoolers to adult students. What has struck me most is the vast array of learning styles. I take pride in my ability to successfully and effectively adapt to each and every student I mentor. My strong belief in all students to do well has been the greatest influence in my overall teaching style. I do not give the answer to a problem or show the student how to do it. In o

Also Tutors: Cheering
Jessica S - Henderson, NV 89052 (9.8 mi) - Sculpting Tutor - $41.00/hr.

$ 41.00

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