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PCAT - Pharmacy College Admission Test or a new classification of a feline? Be prepared when you select your tutor today. The PCAT is more about your ability to learn and process new information than what you know. Get help from a tutor you select today. Taking the PCAT? Last time, were you closer to 200 or 600? On the writing segment were you closer to 0 or 5? Improve by selecting a tutor today.

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Going to see the Hoover Dam or Lake Mead? Want to learn more? Select a tutor today. Las Vegas, which bills itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World, is also known for parks and performing arts. Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as Hawaii's Ninth Island!

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Aaron H - Henderson, NV 89015 (11.8 mi) - PCAT Tutor - $31.50/hr. Aaron H - Henderson, NV 89015 (11.8 mi) - PCAT Tutor - $31.50/hr.

I am currently a pre-pharmacy student at Southern Utah University. I will be moving to Las Vegas in late april and am very interested in this position. I have taken exensive chemistry courses including General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chimistry I and II, Medicinal Chemistry, and Biochemistry. I have also taken Math classes up to and including Calculus I, and a large amount of Biology courses. I have been a Teacher's Assistant for Organic Chemistry this past semester. I currently am a lab technician intern in a chemical lab where I have learned practical application to Chemistry. I have done exceptionally well in all of my courses and feel that I would make an extremely qualified candidate as a tutor. I chose the field of chemistry because I have a strong love for the subject and want to have a career where I continue to learn new things. This desire has allowed me to excel as a teaching

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Aaron H - Henderson, NV 89015 (11.8 mi) - PCAT Tutor - $31.50/hr.

$ 31.50

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