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RN, LPN, or CNA exam looming? Select a tutor today for assistance. Advances in Medicine require advances in knowledge and certification. Are you ready? Select a tutor and pass the exams. Need to pass the Nursing exam? Is entry into the field or advancement your concern? Select a tutor and relax.

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Houston offers it's residents an array of arts, culture, sports, and educational centers. Choose your tutor Today. Our qualified and efficient tutors serve all areas of Houston, including Highlands, Sugar Land, Paseadena, Deer Park, Bellaire, and Channelview. If you are struggling, we can help. Your search for a quality Houston tutor ends here.

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Bertha r. - Houston, TX 77082 (13 mi) - $42.5/hr.

Bertha r. - Houston, TX 77082 (13 mi) - $42.5/hr.

Experience tutoring MS, PhD, post-doctoral, or resident-interns in the medical field. I also have tutored established PE type engineers and MBAs for executive type presentations. Have tutored high school and undergrad as well. The teaching style is adaptable, but I prefer tutor either in a university library, coffee house, or classroom environment. My teaching style depends on the student, it is adaptable. Some people are more visual, others are more lecture type, it all depends on the person.

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Bertha r. - Houston, TX 77082 (13 mi) - $42.5/hr.


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Precious E. - Houston, TX 77082 (13 mi) - Nursing Exam Tutor - $55.00/hr. Precious E. - Houston, TX 77082 (13 mi) - Nursing Exam Tutor - $55.00/hr.

Students that I have tutored may give you different answers on this. I could say I'm more of a facilitator. Most importantly, I approach studies in a relaxed way. But be rest assured we have a goal and we get to accomplish it. School and studies have been the center of my life. Learning never ends. Graduating as a top student with high honors didn't come easy. I worked hard and studied to accomplish my goals. After acquiring my bachelors degree in nursing, I got offers to tutor students who were still in nursing school and others who were taking other science courses. Even though I am about to acquire a higher degree, I still make out time to impact knowledge on those who seek it. If you want me for tutoring, it means you want to learn. I am prepared to teach, so be prepared to study. There are no other ways.

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Precious E. - Houston, TX 77082 (13 mi) - Nursing Exam Tutor - $55.00/hr.

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rachna d. - Houston, TX 77095 (15.9 mi) - Nursing Exam Tutor - $25.00/hr. rachna d. - Houston, TX 77095 (15.9 mi) - Nursing Exam Tutor - $25.00/hr.

• Attained clinical education on med surgical floor. • Conducted overall health assessment on patients. • Monitored, assessed, and recorded vital signs. • Performed detailed physical examination. • Dispensed medication per prescription. • Administered intravenous medications. • Applied and replaced dressings. • Inserted Foley catheters. • Maintained colostomy care. • Charted assessment and prognosis notes.

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rachna d. - Houston, TX 77095 (15.9 mi) - Nursing Exam Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

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Ashley S. - Spring, TX 77382 (26.6 mi) - Nursing Exam Tutor - $40.00/hr. Ashley S. - Spring, TX 77382 (26.6 mi) - Nursing Exam Tutor - $40.00/hr.

Hey there! My name is Ashley, and I have a strong desire to help others succeed and excel! I am available to help tutor in pharmacology (related to nursing), all nursing courses at the undergraduate level, anatomy and physiology, and study skills. I am also available to help individuals with organization and time management. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes with my tutoring sessions, I would tailor my tutoring methods to each individual's learning style. Some of my most frequently used methods include drawing and labeling, writing and creating flash cards, practice questions and problems, verbalizing the rationale for WHY something is rather than ONLY memorization, and continuous encouragement and the maintenance of a positive environment. I also like to use outside resources such as videos and supplemental websites with reliable information. For learning organizational ski

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Ashley S. - Spring, TX 77382 (26.6 mi) - Nursing Exam Tutor - $40.00/hr.

$ 40.00

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