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Prepping for the GRE? Need help with writing skills? Select a tutor today. The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) aims to measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study. Critical to you? Select a tutor now. Scared of the GRE quantitative skills test? Don't be - select a tutor today.

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Magdy H. - GRE Tutor - $80.00/hr. Magdy H. - GRE Tutor - $80.00/hr.

20 Years teaching and tutoring No student left behind I have experience more than 20 years teaching all levels of math and physics for high schools and college.I have BA in mechanical engineering and MS in mathematics.My research was application of calculus to physics. Tutoring All math for 6 - 12, College, SAT, HSPA, ACT, MCAT(math, Physics), GRE(Math), GED, Chemistry, Engineering, I love working with the students, I have to find my own way to help the students to understand the course. Essex County College, NJCU Physics, math. New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ Newark Public Schools NJ. Private tutor.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Skills, SAT - Math, PSAT, Praxis Exam, PCAT, MCAT, GED, ACT
Magdy H. - GRE Tutor - $80.00/hr.

$ 80.00

average per hour



Diane S. - GRE Tutor - $80.00/hr. Diane S. - GRE Tutor - $80.00/hr.

I tutor the quantitative reasoning portion of the revised general GRE test, and give you the skills to confidently tackle the quantitative comparisons. My goal is to connect with the student at THEIR level. We start by going over the basics of problem solving and work from there to foster independent thinking. I use varied approaches when the student is "stuck." I am friendly, patient and very persistent. I can assist with classwork and homework, and will tailor tutoring sessions to your needs. I will assign supplemental work to advance in the subject area as needed or desired. My ultimate goal - to work myself out of a job! I am an established, experienced math and chemistry tutor and have taught SAT math test prep for a private company. I cover elementary school through high school level math, including homeschooling assistance, and SAT/ACT math test preparation, some college level mat

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Math, PSAT, Praxis Exam, Nursing Exam, GMAT, GED, Entrance Exams, ASVAB, ACT
Diane S. - GRE Tutor - $80.00/hr.

$ 80.00

per hour

Jamie B. - GRE Tutor - $90.00/hr. Jamie B. - GRE Tutor - $90.00/hr.

"Great Tutor" - Alexandra Franklin Lakes, NJ on 5/25/2016 Jamie is a fantastic tutor, who really motivated me. He set up an individual study plan for me, and knew just what I needed to hear. The GRE is a super complex test, but I know with Jamie's help I'll do well. I have tutored dozens of students in SAT math, ACT math, Economics and high school math with excellent results. Additionally, I have also helped candidates working on their GMAT, MBA in Finance, Series 7, and Series 66 exams. One on One tutoring has always proven to be the most effective teaching method. I believe that everyone has the capability to learn. The secret sauce is the right approach and it takes a sensitive teacher to find the correct recipe that works. The proper approach depends on your goals. If you are good and want to get better, that requires one technique. If you are intimidated by Math and you have alway

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SERIES 7, SAT - Math, GMAT, ACT
Jamie B. - GRE Tutor - $90.00/hr.

$ 90.00

per hour

Cynthia E. - GRE Tutor - $32.50/hr. Cynthia E. - GRE Tutor - $32.50/hr.

Communication is the basis of all that I have learned. I believe that a tutoring experience needs to be different than the classroom lessons. To do it differently, using each student's learning style by building on their strengths and bridging their classroom instruction is my philosophy. Building on successes, in any area, gives a child confidence. I use a holistic approach keeping the whole student in focus, not just one subject area. For fun with math, I have many toys to help bring the concepts alive. I have numerous years of experience in teaching and tutoring from elementary levels to adult. I have developed and taught ACT/SAT/ General Knowledge workshops for two local institutions. I understand that reading difficulties at any level affect educational success in all other areas. I have experience in planning, organizing and delivering Supplemental Instruction which uses excellen

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Teacher Cert Exams, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, PSAT, GED, Florida Writes, FCAT, Entrance Exams, CLAST, ACT
Cynthia E. - GRE Tutor - $32.50/hr.

$ 32.50

average per hour



Lisa N. - GRE Tutor - $52.50/hr. Lisa N. - GRE Tutor - $52.50/hr.

Prefer to work with the Math portion or general test prep. Face to Face tutoring Provides notes and other supplemental materials Use of flash cards Worksheets Problem solving I have been tutoring independently since 2009 but have always liked helping others learn. I am good with math and numbers. Will go the extra mile to make sure the student/client understands that material. I like to provide as much feedback as possible to the student/client and build their confidence while tutoring them. I have worked with students as young as 5 years old teaching them how to count, numbers, etc to working adults in college and graduate school.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SAT - Math, PSAT, GED, ASVAB, ACT
Lisa N. - GRE Tutor - $52.50/hr.

$ 52.50

average per hour



J J. - GRE Tutor - $25.00/hr. J J. - GRE Tutor - $25.00/hr.

Dr. Johnson is a professor of online courses in Medicine, Health, Nursing, Allied Health, Professional Communication, Forensics, Natural Medicine, and Healthcare Informatics that he has taught for over 12 years. His mottos are, “Use the simplest method of teaching when possible” and "Make learning enjoyable.” Having worked with many types of learning environments, he continues to be involved with the development and review of programs, practices, education, and books.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SAT - Math, Nursing Exam, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GED, FCAT, Entrance Exams, CLAST, ASVAB, ACT
J J. - GRE Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

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Susan W. - GRE Tutor - $75.00/hr. Susan W. - GRE Tutor - $75.00/hr.

I am an experienced test-prep expert and have earned top 1% GRE scores. I deconstruct and demystify standardized tests by teaching my clients how to think like the test makers. I go beyond content, format and concept remediation to teach effective and advanced strategies. www.successprepper I provide personalized test prep and comprehensive college coaching. I am the only tutor in Florida who has earned multiple perfect scores on the ACT and SAT, who has consulted for test publishers, who has designed courses and written curricula and is certified to teach in 11 states. I have 15+ years of success with diverse student populations of all ages and abilities. In the past seven years, my students/clients have earned over $8.5 million in scholarships and have improved as much as 480 points on the SAT, 9 points on the ACT and 6 points on their essays. Besides being able to remediate any m

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, LSAT, GMAT, ASVAB, ACT
Susan W. - GRE Tutor - $75.00/hr.

$ 75.00

average per hour



Jesse R. - GRE Tutor - $35.00/hr. Jesse R. - GRE Tutor - $35.00/hr.

Critical thinking is nourished so well-considered and studied opinions are more than welcome; they are essential. Students have conveyed to me that my style is one of "relaxed intensity" with a flair for the dramatic laced with a sense of humor and a genuine appreciation and respect for the views of others. Focused creativity is required. I am a career educator who has taught English and other Humanities based courses extensively since 1988. My primary experience is on the college and university level but I also have a high school and middle school background. The educational and pedagogical philosophy I hold is this: The ability to communicate effectively remains the most vital of skills and is crucial to academic and career advancement. It is with a sense of privilege and honor I teach and with a sense of urgency as communication skills continue to evolve in a quickly changing wor

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, TOEFL, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, Entrance Exams, ACT
Jesse R. - GRE Tutor - $35.00/hr.

$ 35.00

average per hour



Vladimir C. - GRE Tutor - $27.50/hr. Vladimir C. - GRE Tutor - $27.50/hr.

I was born in Kiev, former the Soviet Union and at 1969 I was graduated from Kiev Pedagogical University with BA in math. FROM 1970 till 1991 I was a teacher of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus at Kiev High School #4. From 1995 till 1998 I was working as a math tutor at Sylvan and Huntington Learning Centers in Los Angeles. Since 1998 till 2010 I was working as a math teacher at Fulton College Prep School teaching Algebra1, Algebra2, ang Geometry. I am retaring from September 1, 2010 Now I am part time Mathematics instructor at the Pierce College teaching Calculus. I like my job very much, because teaching math gives me opportunity to percuade each student in his/her talent to solve each life problem. There is a great relationsheep between an abstract mathematics problem and real life situation. I like my students and want to help them.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Teacher Cert Exams, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, Praxis Exam, PCAT, MCAT, GMAT, Entrance Exams, ASVAB, ACT
Vladimir C. - GRE Tutor - $27.50/hr.

$ 27.50

average per hour



Cynthia P. - GRE Tutor - $20.00/hr. Cynthia P. - GRE Tutor - $20.00/hr.

pre-GRE math as a preview to the actual math. The ASVAB AR is made up of only about 15 major types of problems. 90% require you to know the formula to solve the problem. For example a PERCENTAGE PROBLEM Is usually solved using this formula: % / 100 = Part / Whole. You can plug- in the values and solve for the missing "x". I can give you ALL of the formulas you will need on the Arithmetic Knowledge Section. We also review techniques for excelling on the PC, MK and WK sections of the ASVAB. I have over five years tutoring asvab students. I can help you with asvab math formulas and difficult problems. The best way to improve your score is to get a tutor, take a lot of tests and give yourself enough time to study and learn different techniques. I can help you developed your best learning style so you can do well in the asvab. Thank you.

Also Tutors: GED, ASVAB
Cynthia P. - GRE Tutor - $20.00/hr.

$ 20.00

per hour

Ace My Course Tutoring P. - GRE Tutor - $55.00/hr. Ace My Course Tutoring P. - GRE Tutor - $55.00/hr.

WE are a team of professional tutors. I have experience tutoring the quantitative with proven results. We also have english tutors who have history of helping students succeded in the verbal section through teaching one-on-one. We are a local in-home tutoring team. We service all of Houston with in-home tutoring. We have many Degree Tutors and Certified Teachers. We also have College Student tutors who are educated in the subjects taught for those on tight budgets who are available at lower rates if needed. We are budget friendly so please call me if our standard rates are too high. We have many need friendly tutoring packages such as the Basic package for light needs that includes 2 hours a week or our Premier Package for those needing long term tutoring with a strong need. If you would call me or select me, then we can discuss your need and which option is friendly to your need.

Also Tutors: Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, GMAT, GED, ASVAB, ACT
Ace My Course Tutoring P. - GRE Tutor - $55.00/hr.

$ 55.00

average per hour



Heather R. - GRE Tutor - $60.00/hr. Heather R. - GRE Tutor - $60.00/hr.

I believe that the greatest benefit of tutoring is that it allows the tutor to adapt his or her teaching style to that most effective for each individual student. I am a Nationally Board Certified teacher with a Blue Ribbon teaching award from Nashville public schools. I was educated at Yale and Vanderbilt Universities and have been a private tutor for eight years and a certified teacher in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools for six. I am ranked a 5 (the highest level of effectiveness possible) on the Tennessee TEAM evaluation system, and was one of 200 teachers from across the state chosen as one of the State of Tennessee's teacher Core Coaches during the transition to the new standards. I have also had my teaching featured in a professional development series created by the Institute for Learning. I have previously worked as a tutor and teacher in a variety of subjects, and

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Teacher Cert Exams, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, Praxis Exam, GED, ASVAB, ACT
Heather R. - GRE Tutor - $60.00/hr.

$ 60.00

per hour

Marina O. - GRE Tutor - $45.00/hr. Marina O. - GRE Tutor - $45.00/hr.

**12 years experience in the Public Schools as a Middle School/High School Mathematics teacher **18 years experience as a teacher of adult International pre-graduate-school students in the fields of Math, Commercial Test Prep.(GMAT, GRE), Computer Studies **20+ years of Private Tutoring experience - Math, ESL, Language Arts, SAT/ACT Prep., GED Prep. Patient and professional

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, TOEFL, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, GMAT, GED, ASVAB, ACT
Marina O. - GRE Tutor - $45.00/hr.

$ 45.00

average per hour



Mike K. - GRE Tutor - $37.50/hr. Mike K. - GRE Tutor - $37.50/hr.

Review topics and show you strategies and short-cut techniques to answer questions in math. help you to practice on several exams with timing. Tutoring and teaching are fun and I try to make my sessions as fun as possible and the student should feel very comfortable. I tutor all ages because I believe that there is no age limit for education. I offer the following for New SAT/ ACT Exams:******** ** I review the four areas of the ACT Exam such as Math, English, Reading and Science sections with examples and practice ** I review the three areas of the SAT Exam such as Math, Reading/ Writing with examples and practice ** In the NEW SAT Exam, the student will practice on Reading and Writing of Evidence-based passages **He/she will practice on Essays using Evidence and Reasoning to develop the ideas ** The student will practice also on several exams and I will take him/her through the

Also Tutors: Teacher Cert Exams, SAT - Math, PCAT, MCAT, GMAT, ACT
Mike K. - GRE Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

average per hour



David M. - GRE Tutor - $45.00/hr. David M. - GRE Tutor - $45.00/hr.

I scored in the 98%ile in the Verbal Section, and in the 80%ile on the Quantitative. Overall I am in the top 5 per cent of the country in general college based knowledge/diction/and writing sample (Score: S) I like to establish rapport with students and quickly gauge what the difficulties are. I don't just sit and wait for questions...I guide you through the process and make sure you know how to do everything yourself on exam day. Confidence is essential in organic. I am casual, well-informed, have heard and see it all, and will be a patient study partner and tireless advocate for you. I have a masters (MSCi) and a PhD in chemistry, paticularly organic chemistry. Don't worry, I will only teach you at the level you are assigned. My first Orgo prof drove us crazy teaching masters level material (I didn't know until I got to grad school!) My background makes it easy to make it easier for

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, PCAT, MCAT, ASVAB
David M. - GRE Tutor - $45.00/hr.

$ 45.00

average per hour