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The GED is also referred to as a Graduate Equivalency Degree. Looking for help? Select a tutor today. Only individuals who have not earned a high school diploma may take the GED tests. The tests were originally created to help veterans after World War II return to civilian life. Need help? Select a tutor now. Need to pass the GED? Experts are waiting to help. Select your tutor today.

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Magdy H. - GED Tutor - $80.00/hr. Magdy H. - GED Tutor - $80.00/hr.

20 Years teaching and tutoring No student left behind I have experience more than 20 years teaching all levels of math and physics for high schools and college.I have BA in mechanical engineering and MS in mathematics.My research was application of calculus to physics. Tutoring All math for 6 - 12, College, SAT, HSPA, ACT, MCAT(math, Physics), GRE(Math), GED, Chemistry, Engineering, I love working with the students, I have to find my own way to help the students to understand the course. Essex County College, NJCU Physics, math. New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ Newark Public Schools NJ. Private tutor.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Skills, SAT - Math, PSAT, Praxis Exam, PCAT, MCAT, GRE, ACT
Magdy H. - GED Tutor - $80.00/hr.

$ 80.00

average per hour



Kathaline B. - GED Tutor - $30.00/hr. Kathaline B. - GED Tutor - $30.00/hr.

I have experience with this subject. I teach with the learning style of the student. I am able to change things up when I see the student losing interest. My manner is calm and patient. With over 15 years of tutoring experience, I am able to help with many subjects and all ages. I have worked with students from kindergarten through college in many subjects. I have also tutored adults, worked with home-school children, and tutored in different test formats. Study skills is another area of experience.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, LSAT, Florida Writes, FCAT, ASVAB
Kathaline B. - GED Tutor - $30.00/hr.

$ 30.00

average per hour



Cynthia P. - GED Tutor - $37.50/hr. Cynthia P. - GED Tutor - $37.50/hr.

The ASVAB AR is made up of only about 15 major type problems. I can teach you the basic ASVAB math formulas so you can pass it. The lesson includes homework assignments, hands-on learning, group interaction and review of all the different types of AR / MK problems. We also review techniques for excelling on the PC and WK sections of the ASVAB. FREE First Session. ASVAB review classes are offered every Saturday in Woodbridge, VA. Three hours per class. Price includes ASVB books. Cancel at anytime. No contracts or long-term commitment. Attend as many or as few classes as you like. Review AR, MK, PC and WK every Saturday. Limited to 5 students per class. Call; text or e-mail to pre-register. Please call me for more information. I can be reached at 202-368-0675. Thank you.

Also Tutors: GRE, ASVAB
Cynthia P. - GED Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

average per hour



J J. - GED Tutor - $25.00/hr. J J. - GED Tutor - $25.00/hr.

Dr. Johnson is a professor of online courses in Medicine, Health, Nursing, Allied Health, Professional Communication, Forensics, Natural Medicine, and Healthcare Informatics that he has taught for over 12 years. His mottos are, “Use the simplest method of teaching when possible” and "Make learning enjoyable.” Having worked with many types of learning environments, he continues to be involved with the development and review of programs, practices, education, and books.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SAT - Math, Nursing Exam, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, FCAT, Entrance Exams, CLAST, ASVAB, ACT
J J. - GED Tutor - $25.00/hr.

$ 25.00

average per hour



Richard W. - GED Tutor - $22.50/hr. Richard W. - GED Tutor - $22.50/hr.

I have been working as an individual and group tutor for 3 years. Subjects I have tutored include English Language Arts K-12, SAT prep- reading and writing, ESL English at the high school and adult level and elementary math. Among the companies I have worked for are Mobile Minds, Ace Tutoring, Academia Tutoring, Academic Advantage and Wyzant Tutoring I put a great deal of effort into finding educational materials and new teaching techniques to keep the student engaged.

Also Tutors: TOEFL, SAT - Verbal, PSAT
Richard W. - GED Tutor - $22.50/hr.

$ 22.50

average per hour



June T. - GED Tutor - $40.00/hr. June T. - GED Tutor - $40.00/hr.

I have over 15 years of experience as a classroom instructor and as an online tutor in various subjects. I am very patient and work well with children and adult students as well. I have a Master's degree in Psychology. I use principles of human’s learning behavior, cognitive process, and memory mechanism in teaching and creating a curriculum. My teaching style depends on the student. In other words, I change my teaching techniques to fit the level and personality of each student.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Math, GRE, ASVAB, ACT
June T. - GED Tutor - $40.00/hr.

$ 40.00

average per hour



Marc B. - GED Tutor - $50.00/hr. Marc B. - GED Tutor - $50.00/hr.

I have been an educator for almost 20 years. I began my teaching career as a substitute teacher and immediately fell in love with teaching children with special needs. Desiring to continue to teach, I finished a Master's degree which gave me the endorsements to teach K-12 children with special needs. Since then, I have taught reading and mathematics to both children with special needs and regular education children at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. As I gained a greater thirst to do more to help children, outside of teaching in the public school setting, I bagan tutoring. Between teacing within the public school and tutoring outside of the public school setting, I gained a great deal of experience when it comes to identifying strategies that cause children to learn and retain what they have learned. After all was said and done, I finally capped my educational aspir

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, TOEFL, Teacher Cert Exams, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, Praxis Exam, Contractors Lisencing, ASVAB, ACT
Marc B. - GED Tutor - $50.00/hr.

$ 50.00

average per hour



Ace My Course Tutoring P. - GED Tutor - $62.50/hr. Ace My Course Tutoring P. - GED Tutor - $62.50/hr.

I highly enjoy helping with GED test prep. My favorite is in teaching math. I have helped many who have been out of school for a while to first teach them the basic math needed to do well, to then provide practice tests to help them get ready and make sure they are well prepared before actually taking the exam. I have also started with diagnosis tests to first determine what needs to be reveiwed to have them well prepared. Our teachers provide one on one and group tutoring. In order to provide the best possible teaching style, we offer affordable assessments at the first session of tutoring. These assessments will tell our teachers, the child's learning style, areas of weakness, and any special needs struggles if any at all. Through these first day assessments, our teacher are able to provide a personalize texas state curriculum based teaching building one lesson on the other. By the sec

Also Tutors: Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, GRE, GMAT, ASVAB, ACT
Ace My Course Tutoring P. - GED Tutor - $62.50/hr.

$ 62.50

average per hour



derick p. - GED Tutor - $22.50/hr. derick p. - GED Tutor - $22.50/hr.

I take an approach that allows the student to learn, i am patient, thorough, and very flexible. I go above and beyond including sending notes and study sheets through email for free on my own time. **Check out my website for reviews and more information: mathsciengtutor.wix.com/Luminositytutoring I have been tutoring privately for 4 years, and have tutored on and off during my college years. I am an electrical engineer and i have an in depth background of science and mathematics. I like to identify a students trouble areas and work from there to ensure the basics are met first. I like teaching science and math. **Check out my website for reviews and more information: mathsciengtutor.wix.com/Luminositytutoring

Also Tutors:
derick p. - GED Tutor - $22.50/hr.

$ 22.50

average per hour



Tamra C. - GED Tutor - $35.00/hr. Tamra C. - GED Tutor - $35.00/hr.

I take joy in helping my students complete this very important goal! I am a holistic teacher in that, I believe in teaching the whole child and meeting them where they are academically and emotionally. I am skilled at building a child's confidence and so, their skill level through positive, clear feedback and focused support and guidance. I am currently serving as an Instructional Specialist with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. I have worked as a classroom teacher for the past 13 years in grades 1 through 8- Teaching READING, WRITING,SCIENCE, MATH, and SOCIAL STUDIES. I am also certified to teach 6th through 8th Middle School Math. I have several years experience teaching over-aged students and students who are not "on level" academically. I have experienced much success in moving students academically and presently serve as the Professional Development Coordinator for EBR

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, ACT
Tamra C. - GED Tutor - $35.00/hr.

$ 35.00

average per hour



Dr. G. Douglas L. - GED Tutor - $60.00/hr. Dr. G. Douglas L. - GED Tutor - $60.00/hr.

Over 15 years private tutor for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, MCAT, ASVAB, TEAS, Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, statistics, research methods, and psychology for all ages and grade levels I have a PhD with 15 years experience of college teaching Statistics & Psychology Research Methods & Statistics at University of South Florida for 10 years and am now a Professor Faculty member teaching Statistics and PsychoLogy at Keiser University. I have taught Psychology as an Adjunct Professor at St. Leo University for 8 years and am currently a Professor of Statistics at Argosy University. Students in the classroom and those tutored privately all Comment that my teaching style makes learning and mastering each subject so much easier than they have found from other teachers. Students are taught learning skills that apply to their current subject and they can apply these skills t

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SAT - Math, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, FCAT, Entrance Exams, CLAST, ASVAB, Actuarial Exams, ACT
Dr. G. Douglas L. - GED Tutor - $60.00/hr.

$ 60.00

per hour

Stephanie B. - GED Tutor - $70.00/hr. Stephanie B. - GED Tutor - $70.00/hr.

My teaching style depends upon the learning preferences of the student, as I know each student has their own way of learning. Moreover, I also provide additional supplemental information and practice problems. I believe in learning not only the concepts of a subject, but also their real world applications. Furthermore, I believe the most important part of tutoring is making learning fun and providing students with confidence in the subject being tutored. I have tutored students for 13 years in a variety of subjects for students in grades 1-12, as well as traditional and non-traditional Undergraduate and Graduate students. In addition to tutoring a variety of subjects, I also provide assistance with Master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations, specifically Statistical/Research Design Methodology and Statistical Analysis. I also have three years of Statistical Consulting experience in a v

Also Tutors: SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, Entrance Exams, ACT
Stephanie B. - GED Tutor - $70.00/hr.

$ 70.00

average per hour



Professor Michael D. - GED Tutor - $32.50/hr. Professor Michael D. - GED Tutor - $32.50/hr.

I do everything possible for the student to achieve success. I tailor my approach to each student's abilities and needs. Retired Tenured Professor of Engineering. 14 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels at the University of Michigan,the George Washington University, Washington, DC and the George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. I am a generalist who loves teaching/tutoring math and statistics at any level. I can tutor SPSS and most other major stat software. I am also capable and happy teaching many other subjects from elementary school through graduate school, as you can see in my listing. I tutor most standardized tests (ACT, SAT, GRE, GED, ASVAB, LSAT, and more) and my students typically receive outstanding results. I hold a BA (Math, EE, Psych), 2 MAs (Math/Stat and Psych), A Ph.D. (Mathematical Modelling), and a Dr. Psychology, ABI (CLI

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Testing Strategies, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, ACT
Professor Michael D. - GED Tutor - $32.50/hr.

$ 32.50

average per hour



Dhara S. - GED Tutor - $45.00/hr. Dhara S. - GED Tutor - $45.00/hr.

About myself: I am a young female education coach providing tutoring and test prep services from elementary to college level. I am an alumni from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a decade of tutoring experience. I offer tutoring services in Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa. I also offer online tutoring via Skypeor Facetime all over United States. Subjects: Algebra, Singapore Math, Chemistry, Physics, Geometry, Biology, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Psychology, Sociology, History, Anatomy and more. If you are unsure of a particular subject just ask! Test Prep: ACT, SAT, GRE, GED, ASVAB, TOEFL, PSAT, GMAT, HESI A2 (nursing school entrance exam), TEAS, and NES (teacher certification test) Prices: Range from $40 to $50 per hour. You can also call or text 773-386-3184 You can also visit www.phxtutoring.com to book lessons with

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, Teacher Cert Exams, Testing Skills, SAT - Verbal, SAT - Math, PSAT, Praxis Exam, Nursing Exam, GRE, Entrance Exams, ASVAB, ACT
Dhara S. - GED Tutor - $45.00/hr.

$ 45.00

average per hour



Lisa N. - GED Tutor - $52.50/hr. Lisa N. - GED Tutor - $52.50/hr.

Like to have my students take actual practice tests in all subjects before taking the actual test. Face to Face tutoring Provides notes and other supplemental materials Use of flash cards Worksheets Problem solving I have been tutoring independently since 2009 but have always liked helping others learn. I am good with math and numbers. Will go the extra mile to make sure the student/client understands that material. I like to provide as much feedback as possible to the student/client and build their confidence while tutoring them. I have worked with students as young as 5 years old teaching them how to count, numbers, etc to working adults in college and graduate school.

Also Tutors: Test Preparation, SAT - Math, PSAT, GRE, ASVAB, ACT
Lisa N. - GED Tutor - $52.50/hr.

$ 52.50

average per hour