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Studying Italian language, music, Italy or Italia? Need help? Select a tutor today. In the last decade, Italy has became one of the world's largest producers of renewable energy, ranking as the world’s 5th largest in solar energy in 2009 and the 6th largest in wind power in 2008. Italy's official language is Italian with an estimated 55 million speakers of the language in Italy, 6.7 million outside of Italia and between 120 and 150 million people use Italian as a second or cultural language, worldwide. Want to know more? Select a tutor now. Italian language, history or art test coming up? Need help? Select a tutor today.

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Results-oriented and compassionate Denver tutors are available now to help your child reach his or her full potential. We know that parents know their child best, so we work with you to insure the tutoring is enjoyable and efficient. Choose a tutor Today. The Denver public school system currently educates about 73,000 students in 73 elementary schools, 15 K-8 schools, 17 middle schools, 14 high schools, and 19 charter schools. Need help? Overall, Denver ranks 1st in the nation in terms of beer production per capita, and second overall in terms of number of breweries. Trouble brewing?

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Teresa S. - Boulder, CO 80301 (21.2 mi) - $42.5/hr.

Teresa S. - Boulder, CO 80301 (21.2 mi) - $42.5/hr.

This is one of my top subjects! Italian is one of my top subjects!I'm a native italian speaker and I have always lived and studied in beautiful Florence, Tuscany

Hey there! I'm a native italian speaker and I currently live in Italy. I will be in Boulder for the month of August and would love to help you with your italian.. perfect pronunciation guaranteed! I have taught italian to foreigners in my beautiful city, which is Florence, Tuscany, and I am studying to become a former teacher in Italian as a Second Language. Also, I have studied French and french literature+culture for a long time and lived in Paris to deepen the knowledge of the language. You' ll get to know two beautiful romance languages with just one person. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Teresa S. - Boulder, CO 80301 (21.2 mi) - $42.5/hr.


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Nisar N. - Aurora, CO 80014 (8.3 mi) - Italian Tutor - $85.00/hr. Nisar N. - Aurora, CO 80014 (8.3 mi) - Italian Tutor - $85.00/hr.

Translation Excellence, Inc. is located in Aurora, CO and was founded in 2010. The company is categorized under the Language School/Agency. We currently offer translation, interpretation and language training services in over 135 different languages. The industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in offering foreign language instruction (including sign language). These establishments are designed to offer language instruction ranging from conversational skills for personal enrichment to intensive training courses for career or educational opportunities. This is one of the best certified engineering translation in Colorado. To know more visit : http://translationexcellence.com/

Also Tutors: Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Persian, Latin, Japanese, Hebrew, German, French, English ESOL, Chinese, Arabic
Nisar N. - Aurora, CO 80014 (8.3 mi) - Italian Tutor - $85.00/hr.

$ 85.00

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D Shane P - Denver, CO 80218 (0.9 mi) - Italian Tutor - $37.00/hr. D Shane P - Denver, CO 80218 (0.9 mi) - Italian Tutor - $37.00/hr.

As a graduate student, I worked as a tutor in the campus Writing Center. Later, just before graduating, I taught Writing, ESL and GED at the Denver County Jail. Since completing my degree, I became a Writing and Critical Thinking Professor for two separate Universities (Metro State College and Devry University), where I've been for almost nine years. I think learning should be fun. If a student doesn't enjoy what she is doing, she won't likely attain mastery of the discipline. Moreover, I think students learn best by doing as opposed to being told what to do (i.e. practice as opposed to lecture and explanation). This means that I leave a lot of space for students to try things without fear of making mistakes. Evaluation (especially critical evaluation) is an important element in the later learning process, but initially the priorities should be placed upon fun, experimentation, praise, a

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D Shane P - Denver, CO 80218 (0.9 mi) - Italian Tutor - $37.00/hr.

$ 37.00

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Jessica V - Denver, CO 80212 (2.9 mi) - Italian Tutor - $33.00/hr. Jessica V - Denver, CO 80212 (2.9 mi) - Italian Tutor - $33.00/hr.

I have a passion for instilling in others a deep love of learning. I am patient, caring, and positive. Though some concepts may be difficult to grasp, I have demonstrated my ability to "think outside the box" and make learning fun. I recently graduated summa cum laude from Boston University with my B.A. and M.A. in European Cultural Studies and Journalism. The core of my curriculum as a Trustee Scholar in the University Professors Program was three consecutive programs in Europe. In Paris, I worked as the American Correspondent for a prominent French magazine. There, I demonstrated my success as an “ambassador” at frequent press conferences. Because of my meticulous editing skills, readiness to collaborate, and bounty of creative ideas, the editor also invited me to assist him with his recent book, Bijoux, which was showcased at the Musée des Arts décoratifs. While studying modern

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Jessica V - Denver, CO 80212 (2.9 mi) - Italian Tutor - $33.00/hr.

$ 33.00

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Luigina C - Arvada, CO 80002 (7.2 mi) - Italian Tutor - $40.00/hr. Luigina C - Arvada, CO 80002 (7.2 mi) - Italian Tutor - $40.00/hr.

I received a Master's degree in French, with a related field in Italian Studies, from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO. I have traveled, lived, and studied in both France and Italy in various study-abroad programs. Having worked extensively as a French and Italian instructor as well as an English instructor in various schools, I have acquired teaching experience at different levels of education: high school, college, and continuing education courses. I have gained considerable knowledge in the field of education and have acquired a wide range of personal assets and qualifications for dealing with a variety of students of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. With reference to my teaching style, I have kept abreast of the latest technology available in my field by attending workshops and training sessions. I have also gained considerable insight and knowledge by reading the latest r

Also Tutors: French
Luigina C - Arvada, CO 80002 (7.2 mi) - Italian Tutor - $40.00/hr.

$ 40.00

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Rachel H - Littleton, CO 80123 (7.5 mi) - Italian Tutor - $63.00/hr. Rachel H - Littleton, CO 80123 (7.5 mi) - Italian Tutor - $63.00/hr.

I love teaching and working with children of all ages. I believe everyone can learn it just takes time and focus. I am willing to help the child learn in whatever manner will help the best. I am a nice, patient and considerate person. My goal is to help the student achieve the best education possible. I believe that the best way to teach is with the use of all forms of learning material; i.e. textbooks, flash cards, visual aids. A few good educators can make a huge difference in a child’s ability to love the subject and understand it. As a Fort Lewis college graduate, I have a good liberal arts background. I have earned a bachelor of science in cellular & molecular biology, which has enabled me to learn about many different fields in science and math. In addition to learning about science and math I was required to take class in all subjects, which has made me a well rounded individual.

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Rachel H - Littleton, CO 80123 (7.5 mi) - Italian Tutor - $63.00/hr.

$ 63.00

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Nicholas R - Boulder, CO 80301 (21.7 mi) - Italian Tutor - $34.00/hr. Nicholas R - Boulder, CO 80301 (21.7 mi) - Italian Tutor - $34.00/hr.

Learning starts with learing about oneself and how you best perform. It is very similar to sports, you start off learning the techniques and then you must learn how you best apply them, and yes it takes practice. I have gathered many tools in my life and they came from all the different activities I have done. One must only keep the eyes open and mind focused to absorb the world around them. I believe that if given the answer the lesson is lost. Sometimes it is frustrating, but training wheels must never be confused with pushing the bike. The 'Ah ha' moment can only be earned not given. All children are different and more they learn about what makes them different, the better prepared they are to know and deal with their strengths and weaknesses. Although I have no formal teaching experience, we all learn and teach everyday in our lives. I am very intelligent and want to pass tha

Also Tutors: German, French
Nicholas R - Boulder, CO 80301 (21.7 mi) - Italian Tutor - $34.00/hr.

$ 34.00

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Michele W - Boulder, CO 80304 (22.6 mi) - Italian Tutor - $36.00/hr. Michele W - Boulder, CO 80304 (22.6 mi) - Italian Tutor - $36.00/hr.

I am fluent in six languages: French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, and English. I attended local schools and lived in those countries as a child, as well as worked overseas for seventeen years. My degrees are a BA in Comparative World Literature and an MA in Russian Literature and Linguistics. I worked as Coordinator and Trainer of the Language Tutorial Lab, training and overseeing tutors as well as tutoring in all six languages. I was a Spanish and French tutor at Borough of Manhattan Community College in NYC. I trained school tutors of English and Spanish in Russia and Vietnam. At CU Boulder, I participated in a semester-long pilot program teaching Spanish to students with dyslexia. I was a mentor for the members of the CU football team who were on academic probation, and tutored the group of 10 in Spanish and English composition. I love teaching children and opening them to t

Also Tutors: Persian, German, French, English ESOL
Michele W - Boulder, CO 80304 (22.6 mi) - Italian Tutor - $36.00/hr.

$ 36.00

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