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Most people who take the MCAT are undergraduates in college in their Junior or Senior year of college before they apply to medical school. Looking for help? Select a tutor today. The Physical Sciences section of the MCAT assesses problem-solving ability in general chemistry and physics and the Biological Sciences section evaluates these abilities in the areas of biology and organic chemistry. The Verbal Reasoning section evaluates the ability to understand, evaluate, and apply information and arguments presented in prose style. Select a tutor now. Medical School requires excellent MCATS - want to attend Johns Hopkins? You need at least MCAT Biology of 13, MCAT Physics of 12 and MCAT Verbal of 11. Better get help now. Select a tutor today.

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Dallas is the largest metropolitan area in the south and the fourth largest in the US. Select a tutor Now. The best Dallas tutors are listed here - find the right one for you today! From passing tests to passing courses, our Dallas tutors know the best methods to make it happen.

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sagar p. - Dallas, TX 75209 (2.9 mi) - $40/hr.

sagar p. - Dallas, TX 75209 (2.9 mi) - $40/hr.

I previously tutored for the UT Learning Center for 2 years. I tutored physics, genetics, biochemistry and general biology. At UTSW, I tutored medical physiology and biochemistry and a year. I will soon start tutoring microbiology and pharmacology as well. MCAT Score: 14 physical sciences; 12 biological sciences Relevant classes (A in each) -Engineering physics I & II -Biology I & II -Genetics -Biochemistry -Medical school physiology -Medical school cell biology -Medical school anatomy -Medical school microbiology I have been in many tutoring/teaching positions while in college and medical school. I enjoy helping students gain the study skills, motivation, and confidence they need to succeed. I tailor my approach to the individual needs of the student. I work with them to get them excited about the subjects in which they need some extra assistance in. I tend ... read more

sagar p. - Dallas, TX 75209 (2.9 mi) - $40/hr.


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Adnan Z - Dallas, TX 75243 (8.4 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $38.00/hr. Adnan Z - Dallas, TX 75243 (8.4 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $38.00/hr.

My lesson is planned and interactive. I have very clear objectives for my lesson. I use reference and latest information for my lectures. I prefer board presentation and some times OHP or multimedia presentation. I also use charts and models and lab demonstrations to support my lectures. I explain things with continuous involvement of students to maintain their interest. After each lecture I write feed back on my teaching and students learning. I started teaching high school Biology and Chemistry in 1997. I have experience of conducting labs and field trips. I have experience of using multiple instructional media to make my class more interactive. I have taught O and A levels chemistry and Biology for more than 10 years.

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Adnan Z - Dallas, TX 75243 (8.4 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $38.00/hr.

$ 38.00

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Theresa J - Irving, TX 75063 (9.8 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $37.50/hr. Theresa J - Irving, TX 75063 (9.8 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $37.50/hr.

I have been tutoring students in biology, chemistry, psychology, and some math for about six years now. I have taught and tutored both college and high school. I have an MA in biology, writing experience, and professional and academic research experience. I have attended classes in teaching and have a good strong knowledge of how to work with and help students in their learning process. I am goal oriented and directed towards helping studentes succeed in their educational goals. My teaching style is based on the theories of intelligence that all people have different learning styles. For this reason, I help the student to identify what their learning style is and then identify why they are having problems learning the material. Once the problem has been identified, I help the student to overcome the problem and learn the material. I try to leave the student with a set of skills on

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Theresa J - Irving, TX 75063 (9.8 mi) - MCAT Tutor - $37.50/hr.

$ 37.50

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