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Ballroom Dancing - Mambo, Two-Step or Polka. What's your flavor? Need help? Select a tutor today. The International Olympic Committee now recognizes competitive ballroom dance! Become an Olympian, select a tutor today. Dance? Who Me? Yes you can when you select a tutor now.

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leyvon p. - Trenton, NJ 08629 (45 mi) - $32.5/hr.

leyvon p. - Trenton, NJ 08629 (45 mi) - $32.5/hr.

Silver level in ballroom dancing. Worked and trained by authur Murry dance studio. Taught waltz beginners. Tango beginners. Foxtrotting beginners. Rumba salsa hustle swing and triple step. Very fluent in all dance styles listed above. Advent chess player been playing over 20 years. Have played and placed in competition 3 times no longer compete

leyvon p. - Trenton, NJ 08629 (45 mi) - $32.5/hr.


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