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Tap dancing is a form of dance characterized by using ones shoes, as well as the floor, as a percussive instrument. Looking for help? Select a tutor today. Early tappers like Fred Astaire provided a more ballroom look to tap dancing, while Gene Kelly used his extensive ballet training to make tap dancing incorporate all the parts of the ballet. Need help? Select a tutor now. Experts are waiting to help. Select your tap dancing tutor today.

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In 2010, American Style Magazine ranked Atlanta as the ninth-best city for the arts. Paint a rosy future. Select a tutor today. Atlanta is considered to be a top business city and is a primary transportation hub of the Southeastern United States. Over 75% of the Fortune 1000 companies have a presence in the Atlanta area, and the region hosts offices of about 1,250 multinational corporations.

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Hannah W. - Dallas, GA 30157 (23.7 mi) - $50/hr.

Hannah W. - Dallas, GA 30157 (23.7 mi) - $50/hr.

Saying "can't" is a bad word to me. I like to teach my students to remain positive and never give up. Encouragement is one of my teaching styles. For tap I like to base my style according to Savion Glover, Gene Kelly, and Gregory Hines. I have had 20 years of dance experience including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, Lyrical, and Ballroom. 2 years previous to my dance experience I took gymnastics. I was a teacher's assistant at the age of 14 and began teaching by myself at age of 16 totaling 9 years. My favorite style of dance is tap and it is what I am best at.

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Hannah W. - Dallas, GA 30157 (23.7 mi) - $50/hr.


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lindsay j. - Atlanta, GA 30308 (1 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $52.50/hr. lindsay j. - Atlanta, GA 30308 (1 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $52.50/hr.

I have been tapping for 22 years now. I have studied under great instructors such as George Patterson, who is seen in Bring In Da Noise Bring In Da Funk. I have studied tap at Alvin Ailey's dance company in New York. I have taught tap at various studios in Tennessee and Georgia for the past 8 years. I'm great at what I do and I have fun with it. My teaching style is fun but serious. I love having fun in my classes but my students always know that I mean business and there still is that line of respect and understanding. When I teach Tap I always have warm ups, skills, and combination. I always try to leave my students with skills to practice and homework for the next class. After working on skills, I take the skills and put them into a short combination to practice. I have been trained in classic Broadway Tap and whats called Hoofing ( Happy Feet style lol ). The most important part of m

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lindsay j. - Atlanta, GA 30308 (1 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $52.50/hr.

$ 52.50

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LaKeisha R - McDonough, GA 30253 (4 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $50.00/hr. LaKeisha R - McDonough, GA 30253 (4 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $50.00/hr.

In response to your recently advertised job position, I would like to share with you my experiences working in the related field. I have over five years experience working for a non-profit, child caring institute for DFCS and DJJ children. I have worked directly with the children in managing behaviors and I have worked indirectly in creating individualized treatment plans, assessments, and behavior modifications. My teaching style is to lead by example. Being that I am a visual learning I try to work in steps showing them what is expected and them I allow them to slowly work it out themselves based off of what I've done. I've done a lot of teaching to children with Autism and our teaching style varied to fit the way the child was able to learn. I also took Educational Psychology in graduate school and learned the meaning of intentional teaching, which is teaching with the intent of havin

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LaKeisha R - McDonough, GA 30253 (4 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $50.00/hr.

$ 50.00

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Tamara I - NORCROSS, GA 30092 (13.6 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $41.00/hr. Tamara I - NORCROSS, GA 30092 (13.6 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $41.00/hr.

I am a driven professional that has achieved a high level of excellence in Computers. I have earned two degrees, BA in Business Administration and MIT in Computer Networking, which has enabled me to gain understanding in many areas of math and science. In addition, I have learned extensive grammatical skills due to writing research papers and laboratory reports, along with essays in many various areas of study. I love helping students learn. I am available to help your child find academic success. I am patient, easy going and considerate. My goal is to provide the best education. I believe all children can meet their potential if they are given the appropriate surroundings and learning experiences.

Also Tutors: Jazz Dancing, Cheering, Ballet, Sculpting, Painting, Drawing
Tamara I - NORCROSS, GA 30092 (13.6 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $41.00/hr.

$ 41.00

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Shanon Renee M - Peachtree City, GA 30269 (26.1 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $44.00/hr. Shanon Renee M - Peachtree City, GA 30269 (26.1 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $44.00/hr.

When I was in 7th and 8th grade I participated in America Reads where I helped teach elementary children how to read. In college I assisted with my church youth group and led classes approximately once a month for two years. During 2010 I volunteered with a Kindergarten class. I assisted the students with in-class assignments in writing and math. I hold a bachelors degree in accounting with a minor in vocal performance. I also studied German during this time. I have completed 17.5 semester hours towards a masters degree in liberal studies with a focus in international business and German. I am currently working on my MBA and plan to complete it in December of 2012. I am very flexible in my teaching style and have helped students who learn in very different ways. While I was working with the Reading by the River program I worked with four different students each of which learned in very

Also Tutors: Drama, Jazz Dancing, Cheering, Ballet
Shanon Renee M - Peachtree City, GA 30269 (26.1 mi) - Tap Dancing Tutor - $44.00/hr.

$ 44.00

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