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Jeanette H.


Texas State certified in Elementary 1-8 and SPED..

Waxahachie, TX 75165

Female ( Age 60 )

Member since:12/2012

I am a Certified Teacher

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About Me

Experience Summary

I have several years of experience teaching Elementary and in Special Education Elementary classroom. Currently, I am teaching Elementary Functional Life Skills. I also have experience teaching Talented and Gifted on the Elementary level. In Special Education, I taught both high functioning and low functioning students. My experience includes not only academic skills, but also life skills, basic functioning skills, and communication skills. I am familiar with Sign Language and Picture communication. I have taken several training classes in Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. I also have experience with Down's Syndrome and learning disabilities. I have been raised in church all of my life and can tutor in basic Bible study. My strong areas are Language Arts, Reading, and Writing. I am a hands-on teacher and have high expectations for my students to succeed. My Special Education experience has been at the Elementary and Middle School levels. I have also taught the ABeka curriculum at the Elementary level.

Teaching Style

Hands on activities and by examples, positive reinforcement. I can use Skype or webcam to teach online.

My Hobbies

Reading, music, watching T.V., computer. I am currently working on publishing a children's book and have written and submitted a variety of articles online.

Other Comments

I have a B.S. degree in All-level Education of the Hearing Impaired and Elementary Education, Grades 1-8. This past summer, I took a state exam to add Special Education Supplemental for 1-8.


Type Level Year Title Issued By
Degree Bachelors 1983 Education of the Hearing Impaire... Texas Women's University
Degree Associates 1980 Social Science Southwestern Assemblies of God C...
Certification Graduated 1993 Medical Transcription International Correspondence School
Certification Graduated 2011 Medical Office Assistant Penn Foster Correspondence School
Certification 1st-8th grade 1983 B.S. in Elementary Generalist 1-8 Texas Women's University

Subject Commentary

ADD/ADHD Proficiency: Experienced
As a former Special Education teacher, I have had training and experience in working with ADHD children. I also have a son in the 8th grade that is diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome, so I can relate to students with special needs and their families.
American History Proficiency: I know the basics
American History is one of my favorite subjects. I feel comfortable teaching it on the Elementary and Middle School level. I especially enjoy studying about World War II, the Civil War, and the Vietnam war. I also like studying about the way people lived in the 1800's and how they dressed and acted. I also enjoy the American Revolution and freedom from England.
Biology Proficiency: I know the basics
I am interested in teaching basic Biology on the Elementary level. I have taken college courses in Anatomy and Biology. I have experience teaching 3rd grade basic Science.
Composition Proficiency: Experienced
Writing is one of my favorite subjects, as is all Language Arts. I have past and current experience with writing magazine articles and memoirs, some of which have been published online. I am currently working on getting my first children's book published.
Creative Writing Proficiency: Experienced
Creative Writing is a fun and interesting subject to learn. There are so many things children can write about and it develops their creativity and way of expressing. I just started a personal journal as a way of saying things that I want to say without anyone else knowing what I write. It is fun to create fiction, essays, poetry, etc.
English This is one of my top subjects! Proficiency: Experienced
English is one of my strong subjects and I enjoy anything that has to do with Language Arts, Spelling, Reading, and Grammar. I have experience with teaching this on the Elementary level. English is my native language.
Grammar Proficiency: Experienced
I am experience in teaching grammar and feel comfortable teaching it on the Elementary and Middle School levels. It was one of my strongest subjects in college.
Hearing Impaired Proficiency: Experienced
My college major and my Texas Teacher Certification is Education of the Hearing Impaired, all levels. My sign language is fair and I need more work on ASL. If I am chosen as a HI teacher, I will do my best to learn to communicate with the student in sign language, either Exact English or ASL, whichever the parent prefers. I spent one semester of teaching hearing impaired students on the 3rd-5th grade level.
Language Arts Proficiency: Experienced
Any type of Language Arts are easy for me to teach. It is a strong subject for me. I can probably teach L.A. on the Elementary and Middle School levels.
Life Science Proficiency: Experienced
I am comfortable teaching Life Science on the Elementary and possibly the Middle School grades. I have taken Anatomy and Life Science in college.
Math Proficiency: I know the basics
Most of my experience teaching Math is on the Grade School level teaching basic math concepts. I am not comfortable with math concepts above the fifth grade.
Reading Proficiency: Experienced
My Special Education position afforded me the experience to teach basic phonics and reading. I have also worked with students in reading comprehension and oral reading. I really enjoy reading, especially mysteries and self-help Christian books. I am working on writing and publishing my own children's book. I am comfortable teaching Reading at the Elementary and Middle School levels.
Reading Comprehension Proficiency: Experienced
I am experienced with teaching Reading Comprehension, especially at the Elementary level.
Social Studies Proficiency: Experienced
I enjoy teaching Social Studies, especially history and different cultures. I take an interest in how different societies function. I am not real good with politics or government. I can probably teach Social Studies at the Elementary and Middle School level.
Sociology Proficiency: Experienced
My A.A. degree was in Social Science. I have had classes in basic psychology and sociology. I enjoy working with students who are eager to learn about the community around them and how society functions individually and as a whole.
Special Education This is one of my top subjects!
Most of my teaching experience was working with Special Needs students on the Elementary or Middle School level. I had special training in Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, functional skills, communication skills, basic academic skills, vocational skills. Most of my experience has been either Resource or Severely handicapped.
Spelling This is one of my top subjects! Proficiency: Experienced
Spelling is one of my strong subjects. As a writer, I have to make sure that my spelling and sentence structures are perfect before turning them in for publishing.
Writing Proficiency: Experienced
I am a writer with some articles published on line, so I am learning how to improve my own writing skills. I am familiar with laying out a story using outline techniques, research, etc.

All Subjects I Tutor

  • American History
  • Basic Learning Skills
  • Biology
  • Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • Drama
  • Elementary Grammar
  • Elementary Phonics
  • Elementary Reading
  • Elementary Vocabulary
  • English
  • Grammar
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Homework Help
  • Language Arts
  • Life Science
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Social Studies
  • Sociology
  • Special Education
  • Spelling
  • Typing Skills
  • Writing
  • Writing Skills